Heart's JOY

The other day I was at a Sport Regional Tryouts,
I’ve got a little thicker skin against the Cold and looked at the Parents of the kids (Girls) who were trying out for the Three teams.
YES, with winter with us,
I could see many a Parents and even child there, knew well enough that it was a little chilly AND Breezy while we were there.


I’ve Seen and Heard some of the Parents going on;
On the side of the Field.
In some cases it’s good and Other’s not Always when a Parent create more Issues Off-Field than there’s a game played on it…
Support for the Child is of Utmost Importance, but then as I said;
It could sometimes not be so Beneficial…


HENCE this post,
If ever, Most of the Parents had to run up and down with the Children while they were Playing;
How many of them would have to stop by the Emergency Room on the way Home?
Our lives have changed so much, we’ll never Easily get back to the point where you can just run with your Children.
In this regard,
Some of the Parents didn’t HAVE this opportunity they’re seeing their Children have.
They never could try-out for the Sports they wanted to compete in.
There might not have been Money for this OR
They might not have had the confidence in doing such.
THUS, to a certain Extent;
Living Through their children at what the Child is doing;
That MIGHT be support, but it can very EASILY turn around to become something worse…


Not being a Parent,
It can very Easily sound like I’m preaching,
But we’ve all seen that Parent who Pushes the Child so much Harder than necessary.
The other side of the coin would be the Parent who doesn’t care in the least bit…
The BEST I suspect would be do what you can
AND keep all of this in Moderation.


The best we can do,
Our Children or just being an Uncle,
Be Happy that they’re still able to Enjoy what they’re doing;
Be Thankful they’re healthy for the time being, able to Enjoy this;
Support them as much and Hope for the best.
When things does change,
PARENTS, obviously have to change with the tide…


STILL, Kids are in a GREAT many situations the Heart’s Joy for Many A Parent

Published by Cobus Vermeulen


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