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My name is Cody Turner and I am a recent graduate from Texas A&M University. I got a degree in History and English. I became very interested in political theory and economics recently due to the upcoming election. I first identified with the Republican party but have since become more Libertarian once I began to read more into political theory and thought more about what I believe the role of government and people, in general, should be. I identify as a classical liberal and as such right from that point of view. It is my wish that people will take what I write about with a grain of salt and are open to my ideas of how and what our world should aspire to.

I am also very interested in sports and cooking. I really enjoy creating random dishes from nothing. Also like hanging with friends, kicking back and drinking a cold one. Just a normal guy, I think, hoping to shed some light on the world around us.

I also have my own site that you can read some of my former writings on:

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