The egg, potato, and the coffee beans

The egg, potato, and the coffee beans

An Analogy

Back when I was still highschool we had a course called Civics and Careers, which is a mandatory course that grade 10 students had to take. This course presumably explores the rights and responsibilities of being an active citizen in a democratic society in Canada. Being studious as I was, I decided to take the course around summer school. Thinking if I finish most of the courses earlier in my early junior high school, it would be easier to finish the rest of the courses once I reach my senior years.

This post would be dedicated to be my best CC teacher, we'll call him Mr. G as I sort of forgot his actual name.

He gave us a simple instruction to analyze three things in our own words:


The Egg, the potato, and the coffee beans being boiled in an individual pot of hot water. They all have different outcomes, what does these mean to us? As an individual, which of them relates to you more?


Now I know there are a lot of analogies out there, but this one would be from my own perspective that I actually said in class.

That time I  took the liberty to actually think what those meant to me. Growing up as a shy kid, it wasn't easy for me to just raise my hand and tell everyone what I think of the food my teacher had just mentioned. Is it to eat? or is it more than that?


All of them, we know are in state of being boiled in a hot water separately.

There is the egg, the potato, and the coffee beans.

The hot water represents the hardship, the destitution, any problems being faced by a certain individual.

As time passes and as the water comes to a boil, each of the substances goes through a change. 

What you notice once you take out each of them from the boiling pot of water:

Their characteristics changed from their previous form to come out as new

The potato, once hard to touch is now soft and tender

the egg, being fragile that only its shell protects what is on the inside. When boiled and cracked, your observation of the inside would be hard-boiled.

The coffee beans, no one of course in their right mind would just chew or eat the beans as it is. Even rats won't eat those. After a while of being boiled you will notice its rich aroma that could give you a smile and a change of mood.


So which one are you?

As nervous as I was I thought maybe just today I will get this out of my chest. There was no fairy to 'ping' me a brave dust so even though I was hesitant, I raised my hands.

Right after my classmate finished his sentence, Mr. Go looked at my direction and then smiled. He then called out my name.

"I.. I am more of like the three in combination. In school we learn various of things and then we take a test, that is not how real life works. In  real life we actually go through a series of test just for us to learn our lessons, it teaches us what we could have done and apply it into our future actions. I mentioned the egg because in my earlier years, I was just someone who doesn't know what I know now - this is the unboiled egg. The hot water represents the hardship and the pressure. I was faced with challenges, then I grow stronger. Certain chapters of my life helped me to develop and become what and who I am today, the same way as an uncooked egg into a hardboiled one. 

As for the potato, all I can tell you is I used to be so snarky and I found things disagreeable to me. I was a hard person to approach to, I did not let anyone into my own little box or rather did I not let myself burst out of my shell. When I realized why other people weren't talking to me, I had to change myself. It was an opportunity for me to finally let myself change for the better. Slowly I learned that jokes are meant to be laughed at as long as it does not hurt anyone, I learned I shouldn't take things personally and get mad for no reason. Little by little, everyone wasn't so scared of me; it was a relief. Currently I still am learning that, but I can tell you; the progress is going along well. 

The coffee beans, no one would want to take the beans as it is. The water for me still is the austerity of life. It is a good way for me to explain that whenever things do not come out as planned, turn it around. You turn that around. Notice the wonderful aroma the boiling beans produce, the taste that blends with the hot water. For example, "compromise" is my key word to everything, I'm sure everyone compromises at some point. I don't always get what I want and that is okay because then I will know when I can lift my sleeve to put up a trick . I would know what to do. But If I don't know what to do, still, compromise. That is where and when you will learn what you could do. You reveal your own potential and just be baffled and say 'wow I never knew I had it in me'" 

It was nerve wrecking but before I could have even finished my sentence I heard my classmates exclaiming a soft 'woah' and 'nice'

By the end of my little speech I was all flustered and red all over my face, my heart was racing but I got my word out. I can finally say I am proud of what I said, because everything that had happened to this day is both a nigthmare and a blessing - both served its own purpose in my life. 


If you ever face a challenge, think of this. Who are you, which one are you? How do you think should you compromise and improvise in the future?

 Have a nice day everyone!

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