Call Me, Beep Me (You Probably Still Won't Reach Me)

"A month?!  I haven't talked to them in a month?!"

I can't tell you how many times I go to text someone and wonder how so much time has passed between our conversations.

One of the side affects of getting older (besides becoming a staunch proponent of a 9:30 p.m. bedtime) is that time seems to pass by very quickly.  Remember when waiting two weeks for the new *NSYNC music video to drop on TRL felt like an eternity?  Now that barely seems like enough time to draft a to-do list, let alone check it off!

I find myself constantly vowing to be better at returning texts and calls in a timely manner.  Some people are great at it, but they're usually the same people who are always on their phone no matter where they are.  There has to be a better way to stay connected than missing out on the pre-dinner bread basket because you were too busy replying to a text.

Keeping in touch is a lovely sentiment and with today's ever-evolving technology, you would think it'd be a piece of cake!  The funny thing is that even though we have more ways to communicate than ever before, there is very little of substance that is actually being said.  Come to thing of it, "lol" is the closing statement in probably 97 percent of my text "conversations."

Yeah you saw that right, I threw some quotes around the word conversation there.  Although texting is a convenient form of communication, it's very difficult to dig deep when your only tools are emojis and GIFs.  No, not every conversation needs to result in major breakthroughs, but none of them ever will if you only rely on texting.

The list of people that I text daily isn't all that long, and the info shared is even less noteworthy.  Thanks to the advent of Google Chat (IM's cooler cousin), texting isn't even my only option for non-verbal communication throughout the day.  Somehow we are at the same time both constantly connected and vastly uninformed about the goings on of our friends' and family's lives - especially those who live further than a car ride away.

Before I conclude, I feel it necessary to share that all of this is coming from someone who despises talking on the phone.  For me, lying about a bad connection to hustle off the line seems more like self-preservation than deceit.  So, I totally understand the challenge of staying connected when there are way too many miles between you and the ones you care about - it was the inspiration for this post after all!

Unfortunately, I don't have the perfect solution as to how we can keep up with our busy lives and stay in touch in a meaningful way as often as we'd like.  Of course, we can keep checking in with the "Yes I'm still alive, call you later..." texts, but I find that there comes a tipping point when I just need some good ol' face time to truly catch up, which brings me to my next revelation about staying connected - living in the moment.

I don't want to get too verbose here, so I'll save that along with my slightly more positive and helpful thoughts on staying connected for my next post.

Until then, I'll turn to you and ask how do you find you best stay connected with the people you care about?  Do you find it challenging?  If so, do you have any tips for making it a priority?

Can't wait to hear what you all have to say!


Published by Collette Reitz


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