Pumpkin Spice New Year (Love It? I'll List It!)

Pumpkin Spice New Year (Love It? I'll List It!)

Yes, I watch a lot of HGTV.  No, this post will not be about how Hilary is always screwed over by a plumbing problem.  Ugh basement renovations, am I right?

Reading post after post filled with block paragraphs becomes monotonous, so it can be fun to switch it up with a list once in a while.  Believe me, I know fun - I've had breakfast for dinner a time or two!

It's nearing the end of Labor Day weekend, and I can't help but notice that Sunday, err Monday, night feeling setting in.  This isn't the "I have way too much to do this week and don't even want to think about it, give me back the weekend now!" feeling.  It's slightly more positive.

Recently, my Sunday evenings have been filled with thinking about everything that has the possibility to go right in the upcoming week.  All of the opportunities to be healthy and productive.  The choice to manage your time well and actually keep that FaceTime sesh with your long-distance bestie.  The chance to give it your all and finally become your most fit self - or at least pack your gym bag with the best of intentions...

The conclusion of the long weekend coupled with the end of summer provides an extra dose of optimism for the very near future.  I like to think of today as Pumpkin Spice New Year!  Leave behind this summer's failed attempts at bettering yourself.  Bonus: if you muck up your efforts in the fall to do the same, you get another stab at it in January!

Here's a list of what autumn can offer us as we continually strive to better ourselves - or at least make it look like we are doing so on social media:

  1. Sweater weather.  Hello, layers!  Missing a few gym sessions never looked so good.  Not to mention, the always comfy unofficial uniform of the season: leggings and boots.  Bonus points if you finish it off with a topknot.  Sorry fellas, I can really only speak for the ladies on this one, but if you've got the hair for it, feel free to stay on trend with a man bun!
  2. Football.  All the football.  College, pro, peewee league?  Any one of them will do; just throw on a jersey and head over to the tailgate!  Don't worry about inhaling noshing on all of the treats because halftime gives you a break from the artichoke dip and gets you outside to perfect your own touchdown dance!
  3. Pumpkins and apple picking and fallen leaves, oh my!  Taking a hayride to pick your own produce is a quaint throwback to simpler times, which is a welcome break from the constantly "plugged-in" lives we lead.  I'll make one exception, though, because the colors of fall were practically made for Instagram.  The best part is that snapping these seasonally filtered pics means you're out in the fresh air working up an appetite to earn the fall-flavored confection of your choice!
  4. Slow cookers + Pinterest.  Productivity is easier to come by when you're not slaving away over a stove.  Pick up that book you've been meaning to read.  Finally tackle the closet clean out you've been avoiding - you might even uncover your fave forgotten flannel!  Return that phone call to your mom because, c'mon, you can never be too busy for mom! *solidifies favorite child status*
  5. Reconnect over brews & bonfires.  Summer schedules tend to get jam-packed pretty quickly.  Now that the hustle is over, you can get together with long-lost friends and family.  Your nearest Oktoberfest celebration is always a sure bet for a good time.  Or you can take it outdoors and get your cozy on by the glow of a fire pit - along with that classic "love it but will it ever wash out?!" bonfire scent.
  6. Feel the learn.  You don't need to be headed back to homeroom to keep your mind sharp.  Study up on the candidates up for election this November.  With the wacky U.S. Presidential race - and yes, I'm referring to Donald Trump being the Republican nominee as "wacky" -  lower level elections are more important than ever!
  7. More sports!  October is home to post-season baseball (super exciting for this Cubs fan!) along with all the grand slams and web gems you can handle.  You can even try your hand at translating those big league skills to your local "fall ball" league!  Oh, and you get an extension on hot dog season (maybe even make it a brat)?  Yes, please!
  8. Finally, Turkey Day.  The old Irish proverb says a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.  I'd like to be so bold as to add a turkey dinner to this remedy!  Sometimes all you need to feel a little better about yourself is some good old-fashioned family (or framily) time.  And pie.  Pie always helps.  Spending some time with those who know you best -and still love ya ;) - and taking stock of all the good things in your life is always a good way to get your mind right.

So, don't fret that the sunshine is dwindling.  Embrace the change of season and all it has to offer.  Whatever you do, just don't forget to flip the calendar!

Chime in below with your fall favorites!  Everything and anything pumpkin spice will be appreciated :)

Happy leaf crunching!

Published by Collette Reitz

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