Melange Yarn: Types, Properties, Uses and More

Melange Yarn: Types, Properties, Uses and More

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We see different colors of fabric used for the fashion industry and in other areas also. But have you ever wondered how this fabric turns into different colors?

When any two or more two fibers or yarns are combined, it is called melange yarn. For example,

When any raw white fibers are combined with dyed fibers, melange yarn is produced. Suppose you mix 99% raw white dye fiber with 1% coloured fiber of any color, a melange yarn is produced. This has high demand in the clothes industry mostly. This Is called cotton gray melange yarn. While combining, the types of fibers can be the same or different depending upon the purpose for which it is being combined.

It is in demand due to its uniqueness. Its structure and texture are quite different from conventional yarns. Also, its color and appearance speak differently to the consumers. Differences in the proportion of colors can create different shades of the yarn. That's why a large variety of melange yarns are available not only in terms of color but also in terms of texture. Also, the final feel of all types of melange yarns is different. This gives the designers and consumers a large range of choices to pick from depending upon what they wish to make their aesthetic look like.

Types of melange Yarn:

There are various types of melange yarns such as snowy, nappy, Heather, marl etc. Nepppy melange yarn is one of the major types of yarn in which a certain type of neps are combined to create a unique aesthetic. But it can be differentiated into two basic types.

  1. Blended gray melange yarn
  2. Non-blended gray melange yarn

●      In a blended one, various types of yarns are combined and blended but in a certain proportion.

●      For example, polyester cotton blend (PC) is in 50:50 ratio, Cotton Viscose (CV) is in 60:40 ratio.

●      In Non-blended gray melange yarn, there are no different fibers blended. Generally, different colors of the same variety of fibers are combined to produce a different shade of color.

●      For example, 100% cotton dyed yarn

Why should melange yarn be preferred?

Melange yarn has certain criteria for which it is preferred.

Technologically advanced:

Melange yarn has a unique dyeing process that is highly technical. It uses advanced techniques in terms of color matching, fiber dyes and mixing and association of multiple fibers to create some new yarn of different textures and structures.

● Fashion:

As mentioned earlier, melange yarn can represent different colors in one single yarn. It can produce hundreds of shades by just changing the proportion of the color that is being mixed. That's why fashion designers have a horizon of choices and they can create various clothes, footwear and accessories from this. For this reason, melange yarn is in high demand when it comes to fashion.

● Environment friendly:

In melange yarn, fibers are dyed before spinning. This helps in saving energy, reduces toxic emissions and provides protection to the environment. It does not emit various toxin gasses and materials to the environment during its course of preparation from scratch.

Looking at all these reasons, melange yarn has high demand in the market.


●      Attractive and unique fabric

●      The smoothness of the fabric

●      The wavy effect due to the blending of different fibers give a classy and elegant look

●      Use of slub, chain etc opens a wide range of products for the consumers.

Uses of melange yarn:

●      Mostly it is used in the denim industry. There are different shades of blue mostly used in denim. Those varieties of colors can be expected from melange yarn.

●      Melange yarn is also used in knitwear such as t-shirts, swimwear, undergarments, bed sheets, curtains, towels etc.

●      It is also used in weft and warp knitting machines, v-bed knitting machines and winding machines as well.

●      Melange yarn is also used in making sportswear due to its stretchability, durability and classy look.

●      Due to its tons of varieties and colourfulness, melange yarns are used in creating decorative fabrics as well. These can be used in home decor, decoration in big functions like weddings etc.

Bottom line:

Melange yarn is a little more expensive than the conventional ones, but looking at the varieties of colors it provides, environment-friendly preparation process and advanced technology it uses, the price becomes worth it. 

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