Things You Need to Know About Abundance and Money Mindset

Things You Need to Know About Abundance and Money Mindset

Do you are feeling rich, secure, and financially abundant? Or do you worry about having enough to make ends meet? Now, this ain’t about the cha chang cha chang… or the ba bling ba bling. It’s not about how precisely much money you make or spend. We want to know how you are feeling about your present circumstances. Money can be a way to obtain stress, fear, and limitation. Or it's rather a beautiful tool to resolve problems, live generously, and change the earth.

Exactly what is a Money Mindset?

Your “money mindset” is merely your group of beliefs - usually subconscious - about money. It’s how you approach earning, saving, spending, and sharing in your daily life. Your financial habits - good and bad - are rooted in mindset. Your feelings of security or uncertainty, limitation or resourcefulness, victimhood or generosity are influenced by your beliefs about money. Every one of the messages you’ve internalized about money over your daily life boil down to two basic orientations toward money - scarcity or abundance.

Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset

Do you are in an enormous, expansive universe? Or do you live in a world of fierce competition for scarce resources? When we speak about money mindset, it really boils down to both of these belief systems.

A scarcity mindset looks something like this:

You’re always scrambling to make a few bucks or wondering how to earn more money. You stress about paying the bills, complain about paying taxes, and resist giving anything away. You scrimp and save yet somehow you never have enough cash leftover for a good dinner, date night, or a movie. Whether you’re making minimum wage or a competitive salary, you have a “broke” mentality and it never quite feels as though enough. Visit this website to get more insight on money mindset tucson

Scarcity beliefs about money sound like this:

•                   I’m not good with money.

•                   Someone else will manage this for me personally.

•                   People with money are greedy.

•                   I’m not _____(smart/talented/privileged/etc.) enough.

•                   It sucks.

If you’re thinking, “Marie, that’s not my mindset; that’s just my entire life. I Don't have enough money.” That’s precisely what a scarcity mindset would say. Don’t worry - if you’re operating from a scarcity mindset, you’re NOT stuck there. Stick to me here, and let’s flip the coin.

Plenty mindset appears like this:

You appreciate what you have - whether it’s pennies in your pocket or a private jet - and revel in being generous with others. You trust your ability to make and get money.

You understand there’s always enough, and there will be more. You love sharing the wealth and don’t fret over bills or unexpected expenses.

An abundance mindset sounds like this:

•                   I love learning about money.

•                   I may take charge of my finances.

•                   Money gives people the chance to donate to others and make a robust impact.

•                   I am always enough just how I am.

If you’re operating from plenty mindset right now, remembers - mindset is malleable. When you know where your beliefs originated from, you can transform them.

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