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Financial consultant services must have qualities, because this is the business of trust. Peoples blindly believe their financial advisors. Independent financial alignment services must maintain fiduciary services to getting success.

Dan Pimental is a great financial consultant. Dan started his financial consulting practice in 2015 and working all those years he has been achieve people trust and professional experience. These are the main capital for him. He only provides financial consulting services on USA. Before starting his personal practice he was working on a reputed financial firm which is called alignment financial group, placed in Hingham, MA, USA. Portfolio creation and investment risk management is the key feature Dan Pimental provide.

Dan Pimental Independent Financial Consulting Firm

First of all people are not interested to consult anyone about their financial life or matter. It’s true that sometime it might be getting negative response. But the fact is discuss with professional financial consultant is always gives you positive and better response. Independent financial consultant is always the best option for alignment people. Dan Pimental independent financial consulting firm has been provide various types of investment capital and risk management services. For any further inquiry contact Dan Pimental on this mailing address –


Dan Pimental Financial Services

Dan Pimental is such a great financial advisor. He has been providing innovative investment plan with more profit. Investment risk management and financial advisory service is the mainstream service Dan provides. Asset management & capital recovery is his main working criteria.

Services Lists of Dan Pimental Alignment Financial Group

Risk Management, Qualified Retirement Plan, Retirement Plan Services, Trusted Retirement Plan, Asset Management, Insurance Recovery, Portfolio and Asset Management, Capital Recovery and Preservation, Legacy and Estate Planning Strategies, Insurance Planning and Tax Planning Strategies, Trust Services and Charitable Giving

Mission of Alignment Financial Group

As an Independent Financial Consultant Service Provider Dan Pimental is to make your dream happen to give financial guideline, so that you will live your life stress free and enjoy your life whatever you want. AFG Fiduciary Financial Group provides every financial guideline you need & this can make us different financial advisor. Capital recovery with asset management and personal portfolio service is also my speciality.

Vision of Alignment Financial Group

Alignment Financial Group has a vision and financial advisers of this group are really wanted to make your life prosperous. Basically AFG Fiduciary financial group works to achieve financial independency and manage your asset with reduce risk. Apply the right skill and professional experience to take your financial life next level. It’s my job to know your goals and make in happen in your real life. I am finding the best financial solution to your investment as well as make secure your retirement life also.

As a well known financial counselor Dan Pimental has provide some exclusive investment portfolio services where you can manage your capital or asset such a nice way. Under the risk management services you can rebuild your capital and preserve with current economical atmosphere. People who are thinking about retirement, they should discuss with Dan Pimental to insure profitable investment.

Dan Pimental is an Independent Financial Consultant and Financial Adviser Service provider. As a reputed Financial Adviser Dan Pimental operating Alignment Financial Group which is named by AFG Fiduciary – Independent Financial Firm. Dan Pimental Alignment Financial Group provides Fiduciary Financial Advisor and Financial Consultant Service for the people of United States of America.

Personal Portfolio Management

If you are looking to manage your personal portfolio you must consult a financial and portfolio consultant. There are so many consultants you are find by searching online. Dan Pimental is one of the best certified financial consultants of USA. So many people are taking advantage of Dan Pimental financial services. Personal portfolio management is the most important thing for any of the professionals. A good portfolio define your working ability and as well as your quality to serve. 

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