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ROCKMAX mgo laboratory engage in researching and developing new magnesium cement products, raw material analysis, formulation design and magnesium sulfate board durability test,etc.

ROCKMAX is a dynamic mgo technical company,focus on researching and manufacturing noncorrosive mgo board for multiple application.

Our product range:

  1. Chloride free mgo board for interior partition
  2. Magneisum cement board for semi-expose exterior sheathing
  3. Mgo flooring for fireproof subfloor
  4. Structural mgo sheathing for Mgo Sip skin and LFS shear wall
  5. Cutomized add vaule mgo products

Contact Details

Marketing: 0086-512-57388176

Operation: 0086-512-57562316

E-MAIL: marketing@rockmaxpan.com

Address: 4F-429,Yuda Science and Technology Park,Leshan Road,Kunshan City,China

Website: https://www.rockmaxboard.com/

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