SemiDot Infotech is one of the top-rated IT companies across the USA & India. Our ideology is to excel in what we provide as custom services, tailored specifically for each of our client’s needs.

SemiDot Infotech is a top-rated Mobile App & website development company in the USA & India. Our ideology is to excel in what we provide as custom web development services, tailored specifically for each of our client’s needs. We strongly believe in the client's first approach and will prioritize to develop your website in the latest technology, and in the least possible time. What makes SemiDot infotech different isn’t the 200+ successful websites that we delivered since our inception, it’s how happy each of our clients was, with what we delivered.

With our strong roots in the latest technologies like the Blockchain, AR, and Chatbots, we excel in developing apps for all kinds of startups. But what we truly take pride in, is making efficient and scalable custom websites, using PHP, Python, and JavaScript. We believe in creating highly scalable and flawless mobile apps, you can rely on your app to never lose performance, no matter the number of users using it. We have created websites and mobile apps that are currently serving as market leaders in their niche, they monthly serve over 100+ million cumulative users.

Our key differentiators:

· We use the latest technologies for your application’s development, we ensure only the latest frameworks and scripts are deployed.

· Our developers are some of the finest in their receptive working technologies.

· We treat every project as our own venture, we notify clients about the pitfalls of a path they chose, and then guide them accordingly.

· We create on-demand apps in the least turnaround time possible.

· We have some of the best designers in the industry, they know exactly what our clients and their end-users would love.

Why choose us?

We believe what truly defines us, is being a truly customer-centric company. Our team is highly experienced in the latest cutting-edge IT technologies, and as we said above, we have the experience & expertise to create large scale applications that could be simultaneously used by millions of users.

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