2016 NBA GO: Did Klay Thompson's 60 points Silence Trade Talks?

2016 NBA GO: Did Klay Thompson's 60 points Silence Trade Talks?

Dec 8, 2016, 11:12:18 PM Sport

The basketball world was once again abuzz after Golden State's Klay Thompson hit 60 points against the Indiana Pacers in their game Monday night. So, what gives? Would Klay still remain a Warrior for the next couple of years?

Our question. Can one, two, or even three good games change a team's deficiency?

See. A dominant game that comes every now and then would be good to increase one's value to the team, or to his trade stock -- but definitely it won't be able to cover a team's deficiency, if ever there's some 'mismatch' of needs.

With the departure of Andrew Bogut, the Warriors now lack that inside presence. Yes, they got Zaza Pachulia. Yes, he's efficient. But hey, he lacks the athleticism of Bogut. He lacks the passing skills of Bogut. He lacks the defensive abilities of Bogut. So, see what the Warriors have now missed?

Again, as in our past article, they got Kevin Durant but he's also a perimeter player. Thus, a major key to beating the Warriors would be in guarding its fence. And unless they begin to truly trust JaVale McGee's athleticism and defensive abilities, the Warriors would continue to have that loop hole. Forget Shaqtin' A Fool, it's just some fun show! Check out how JaVale really is.


Is Rajon Rondo at it again after being suspended by the Bulls in their supposed game against Portland? While we know Rondo as a superb player, suspensions or especially in-game negativity would only depreciate his future value. So, if Rondo still wants to make an impact to any team, for that matter, he'd better get things straight. We're sure he knows that.

Hmm... Just thinkin' if the San Antonio Spurs is still a major contender? Seriously. With their close wins even against lower ranked teams, we are just starting to wonder if they could still make it back to the Finals. After all, it's really only been Leonard and Aldridge who's carrying the team. Gasol? Seems that he's somewhere in 'Neverland' while Parker and the rest has been inconsistent.

Say what you?

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