2016 NBA GO: Golden State in Perspective

2016 NBA GO: Golden State in Perspective

Nov 3, 2016, 11:34:45 PM Sport

After snatching Kevin Durant from free agency, nobody has been getting more scrutiny than the Golden State Warriors. And after losing its opener to the San Antonio Spurs, the Warriors' aura of invincibility have somehow faded. Yes, despite having won three straight games thereafter.

After all, with their firepower, they're expected to always contend even against a quality opponent like the Spurs. Still, a 3-1 card is not all that bad. So, how's that firepower been doing after 4 games? Let's check out their Top 3 scorers..


With Durant's entry, no one has been more affected than Klay Thompson who has just been shooting 10.7 percent from deep -- just 0.8 conversions out of 7 attempts per game! Very surprising for a guy who's done so well in previous regular seasons, and that's at least 40 percent from that area. Perhaps, the ball comes in too late for him that he has to either take off-balanced, hotly contested or tight shots. Really?

Or could he be mentally bothered being the third wheel? Let's see his averages in 35.8 mpg -- 16.8 ppg 6.8 made out of 16.5 attempts for 40.9 percent. Clearly, he has been attempting but just not converting. And probably the only area he's been shooting well is from the free throw line at 90.9 percent, albeit, it's just been 2.8 attempts a game.


Of the Splash Family, Curry has been playing the least minutes at 33 minutes a game. And from being last year's scoring champion, he's now down to number 10 in the rankings at 26.3 ppg. Looking at his numbers though, he's actually been doing fairly well making 48 percent of his 18.8 attempts per game with 9 makes; while hitting much better from threes than either Durant or Thompson at 44.7 percent with 4.3 makes out of 9.5 attempts.

Yep, his scoring average may have been affected by his free throws though -- having only 4.8 attempts with 4 conversions a game for 84.2 percent. So, has Durant taken over the team? Hmm...


Kevin may only be number 6 among the NBA's scoring leaders with 28.5 ppg but he's been converting an amazing 57.4 percent from the floor with 9.8 makes out of 17 attempts a game. Hey, it's just about the same number of attempts by Klay (16.5) in just about the same number of minutes (Klay 35.8, Kevin 36)! 

And although his threes are at a miserable 23.1 percent with 0.8 conversions out of 3.3 shots a game, he has been getting fouled more than the reigning MVP in Steph Curry! And this has translated to 8.3 made free throws out of 9 attempts a game for 91.7 percent -- which only means Kevin has been attacking more while Curry has been shooting more threes.

To top it all, KD is way ahead in efficiency ratings at 36 while Steph Curry is at 19.5 and Klay Thompson at 12.5! Plus, plus what used to be a Curry 'specialty' -- which is steals -- is now Durant's. While Klay and Steph has 0.5 steals a game, Kevin has 3 per game! Assists? Yeah, they're just about even but then, Kevin has been getting 9 boards per game. It's just been 4 games, but wow!

If only Kevin shoots a little better in his threes, then he'd possibly make at run as this season's scoring leader which is currently occupied by former teammate Russell Westbrook. As it is, this season's MVP could even be headed to a toss up between 'em both, Kevin and Russell.

In the end, Kevin didn't really ride on the Splash Brothers. He's actually carrying them on his back.

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