2016 NBA GO: The Michael Carter-Williams, Tony Snell Trade

2016 NBA GO: The Michael Carter-Williams, Tony Snell Trade

Oct 21, 2016, 3:32:46 PM Sport

Just recently, we have seen Milwaukee Bucks' Michael Carter-Wiilliams finally get traded for Chicago Bulls' guard-forward Tony Snell -- yes, in what's said to be a 'minimally risky' transaction. Hmm...


While MCW's game has been spiraling downwards, hey, it's not been that long since he was named the NBA's Rookie of the Year. Meaning, he's still young! He could 'rebound'. Besides, talent would not get lost just like that unless you don't use it for years. So at most, it would just deteriorate. Like Lance Stephenson for one, all MCW warrants is a good fit.

Yeah, we really thought he already had 'that fit' in his rookie year with the Sixers. This only means, all MCW needs is the confidence of the coach to let him do what he could. Oh, then something like a Rajon Rondo?


These guys are really talented players where simple plays as they believe it to be aren't their cup of tea. Obviously, they need freedom to create and would only follow a coach who would consider their style.


Yep. If your team does have the pieces to compete but the coach doesn't know what he's doing. That would be a waste of opportunity in the PlayOffs. As we know, the point guard is the team's coach on the floor, so of all players -- the coach and the point guard should be in unison.

And clearly, this wasn't the case with Bucks' head coach Jason Kidd. But it could be different with Bulls' head coach Fred Hoiberg. Ey, if ever Rajon could work well with Hoiberg perhaps MCW could, too!

Then again, both enigmatic point guards are in one team now -- and that could be too hot to handle. Well, MCW looked good though in his first preseason game with the Bulls against Atlanta.

What about Tony Snell? While he's been compared to San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard -- without the defense that is; but maybe more than the skills, it's really just the looks. They have quite the same stance, notice? Still, Snell's development has been slow primarily because of minimal playing time, and seems it would not likely change with the Bucks. Unless there's an injury in the team where he could capitalize on.

Say what you?

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