2016 NBA GO: With LeBron Getting Older, Love is Getting Opportunities

2016 NBA GO: With LeBron Getting Older, Love is Getting Opportunities

Dec 2, 2016, 1:38:25 AM Sport

If you are an NBA fan, especially if a Cavs fan, then you must have heard of Kevin Love's 34-point first quarter explosion against the Portland Trail Blazers recently. Yes? That's right, 34 as Kevin hit 5 out of 6 threes right in the opening canto.

Anyway, looking at the game, particularly that first quarter -- it's not that the Cavs were actually looking for Kevin, it just so happen that he was near or directly 'accessible' to where the ball was. Well, that was on the first couple of shots though. And so, when he made 2, 3 in a row, that's when they really went to Kevin.

Yup, even through cross court passes.

And, more good news for Kevin. Like, this could in fact happen more often as in being the second option at least. Notice? We have started to see LeBron James' production drop this season and concentrate more on rebounding and assisting -- an obvious sign that the king is getting older.

Of course, this could change in the PlayOffs but for offensive players, once they start to give way in the regular season that only means their body is also starting to give way. And that's normal.

We are just starting to wonder though.

See. LeBron publicly made known of his intentions to become greater than Michael Jordan, but at just age 31, he has already started to slow down. You know MJ at 31 was still very much an offensive force, and was just about ready to begin his quest for the Bulls' second three-peat. Wow! Yet after a brief retirement.

So, how could LeBron exactly become greater than MJ? With his slowing down, this only signifies he would be relying on Kyrie, Kevin and the rest of the gang to carry the offensive load a little more -- an important area where 'greatness' has a say. Hmm... Unless you're a Bill Russell.

Thus, if ever Cleveland wins a couple more championships before LeBron retires, imagine how he'd be during those days? How he'd be contributing..? Something like a Dennis Rodman perhaps? Save for the hair color, body piercings and provocative actions, of course.

As Dwyane Wade have also said, it'd be tough for LeBron to surpass MJ. For one, Jordan is 6 of 6 in his championship tries; while LeBron is just, what, 3 of 7 and with even 2 of them quite questionable. So..

Say what you?

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