2017 NBA GO: Basketbrawl!!

2017 NBA GO: Basketbrawl!!

Jan 11, 2017, 1:27:36 AM Sport


Well, you must have heard of the near brawl between the Heat's Goran Dragic and the Lakers' Jordan Clarkson when their teams met last Friday, January 6. 

Hmm... The Lakers won that time, 127-100.

But you know what, both must have been in a bad mood when they kept colliding in the third quarter while jockeying for position under the basket. In the end, Dragic got knocked down by Clarkson's elbow and both were ejected in that quarter.

Come Monday, Clarkson was fined $15,000 for swiping Dragic's head. That's good. His stance alone was combatant, so order should be restored. Just a thought though, while fines and suspensions are advisable on flagrant fouls as well as for fights or 'near fights', the NBA should review its 'automatic suspension' policy on technical foul quotas.

Anyway, regardless of this game, are we looking for more fights here? Not really. Not really good for non-combat sports in general. Then again, this near fight just made our imaginations more curious -- yeah, especially with what happened in the recent off-season.


Hehe. It's not the 'looove' triangle we all know but a competition kinda triangle among former OKC teammates -- Kevin Durant, James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

While Harden was lost via trade, you know, due to his eventual 'unaffordability'; the team lost Durant when he chose to sign with the Golden State Warriors leaving only Russell Westbrook with OKC. Yup, that's after the trade of Serge Ibaka to the Orlando Magic, whew!

These would leave some grudges somehow.. And make bloods boil in their meetings.

HARDEN v WESTBROOK. Nothing wrong really between the two of them. Harden didn't leave Westbrook behind. Their battle is all about the race for the MVP -- which could make them ultra-competitive more so when the season nears its end. If they wake up on the wrong side of the bed, tempers could flare.

IBAKA v OKC. Yes. Not Serge against Russell, but Serge against OKC management. T'is whenever the Magic faces the Thunder, Ibaka could understandably play extra hard -- you know, to show OKC what they're missing. Something 'like but not quite like' the past tension between LeBron James and Dan Gilbert, remember?

WESTBROOK v DURANT. Now this is the main event. Is there a need for an explanation to this? Can't imagine how spicy hot Westbrook would be.. Especially if they would meet in the PlayOffs!

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