2017 NBA GO: Butler to Wolves. Aldridge wants outta Spurs. And more.

2017 NBA GO: Butler to Wolves. Aldridge wants outta Spurs. And more.

Jun 25, 2017, 1:18:37 AM Sport

Draft Day went as expected and now it’s time for personnel reassessment as we get closer to Free Agency. Still, there have been surprises in the league even before D-Day.


While many were actually wondering why didn’t the Boston Celtics pull the trigger on then Bull Jimmy Butler, seeing him get traded to the Timberwolves for Zach LaVine and Chris Dunn didn’t really come much as a surprise -- after all, Wolves’ coach Thibs used to be Butler’s coach over at Chicago.

MIN: As most have thought, it’s Butler’s leadership that first and foremost would be felt by the group. Other than that, the ball is now in the hands of Ricky Rubio or whoever PG they have on the floor. Key is not just in the blending but the maximizing of talents.

CHI: If only for an insurance on Rajon Rondo then Chicago got their man in Dunn. And while Lauri Markkanen is a good pick (hopefully) by the Bulls, LaVine still has to prove he could play defense. And with their current roster, they might not make the PlayOffs come 2018. So keep the wheels turning before training camp begins.


The pressure of the PlayOffs got the better of Aldridge as he claims the Spurs ruined his game and stuff. Now, he wants out of the system. Problem is, would there be takers?

While the Spurs were trying to shop LaMarcus for a top 5 or 10 draft pick, nobody just bit into it as his 'net worth' is just so low right now that teams are understandably scared to take him in. However, there are rumors that his former team in the Trail Blazers seem to be interested in reuniting Aldridge with Damian Lillard -- but for whom?

CJ McCollum? Nah. Portland needs him besides the Spurs need an Aldridge replacement, otherwise, someone who could play defense as well. Jusuf Nurkic? If Portland could include Al-Farouq Aminu with the Spurs adding a draftee or even Kyle Anderson -- then that would be a win-win scenario for both teams -- yes, if the budget permits.


All because of skipping an exit interview?? Yes, all because of that the New York Knicks’ future is now in jeopardy. Then again, Phil Jackson may just be the most misunderstood executive right now. While such a protocol seems simple, as part of the organization, Porzingis should have just went through the motions. On the other hand, Jackson should have at least given some time for Porzingis to get over his frustrations before, well..

As it is, clearly, it’s the organization’s culture that seems to be the issue, Phil. Remember, success only comes to a united group.


Danny Green of the Spurs, that’s whom we’re talking about. And Cleveland seems to be interested in reacquiring him as San Antonio seeks to make room for another superstar.

SAS: While Green may not have been hitting his mark for a couple of seasons now (if he’s got character, it will come), his defense is still valuable and letting him go just for cap space may not be a wise move if ever. Instead, the Spurs should consider dumping Pau Gasol who didn’t seem to mesh with their system while keeping David Lee for veteran presence. Problem is, Gasol has opted out for a lower pay. And if there was a handshake deal in it, not taking him back would be somewhat insolent.

CLE: Adding Green would not really make the Cavs a better team since they already have Smith and Shumpert who could do the job. Shooting and defense. But if they plan to release Korver and the two Jones’ then getting Green would be a logical move.


LA. Cleveland. Houston. Portland. San Antonio? It's getting pretty murky. But guess, teams should have plans on what kind of identity they intend to have before signing up another superstar. Otherwise, there could be some impending conflict.

If there’s really mutual interest between the Los Angeles Lakers and Paul George, why wait for next summer when there could be more suitors to George? Okay, while George intends to go home to LA, you would never know what a year’s rental to another team could bring. With a couple of beers, he could all of a sudden change his mind. Seriously.

Many times, it’s just all about appreciation.

Say what you?

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