2017 NBA GO: Carmelo Anthony, Staying or Leaving?

2017 NBA GO: Carmelo Anthony, Staying or Leaving?

Feb 1, 2017, 2:59:46 AM Sport

At 32 years old, Carmelo Anthony is no longer an All-Star. Really. Didn't you check the lineups yet? So.. Is he washed up already? Well, not yet but at the very least, his days are numbered. That is as a key player for any team he joins.

Yes, Melo is currently being sought for trade partners. And the Knicks' candidates.. The Cleveland Cavaliers, the Boston Celtics, and the LA Clippers. Still, with the no-trade clause, the last say ultimately goes to Anthony himself. Hmm, is he staying or is he leaving New York?


There were reports that about a year ago Anthony was actually being dealt for Kevin Love, however, the Cavs just declined. Had Anthony been successfully traded, the Cavs could have been a much more dangerous opponent in having an all-around offensive weapon like Anthony -- yeah, compared to just a stretch-4 like Kevin Love.

However, how effective is Anthony without the ball, anyway? While both Anthony and Love are defensive liabilities, at least Love gets to the board a lot more. Then again, who is more injury-prone? Well, that spells the difference.


If there are teams that Melo would waive his 'no-trade clause', then as he said, it would be for a contender like the Boston Celtics and the chance to play with Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford. But trade for whom? Besides, the Celtics are not interested in having Melo. Seriously.

So, there you go.


Now, as most analysts believe, the Clippers are the most likely destination for Anthony. One, since LA's Big 3 (Paul, Griffin and Jordan) is not part of the trade conversation, Anthony and the Clippers would embrace the opportunity to join hands towards the possibility of a championship. Two, LA is a big market just like New York which is to Melo's liking.

Yes, Griffin and Jordan may still be below 30 but LA's championship door is actually starting to close -- just like Melo's. Notice? It's already been how many years but the Clippers just can't seem to get past the second round! And so hopefully, adding Anthony to the mix might just change that.

The only problem here is that they need a third team to pull this trade through. 


While there are those who remains near their prime form even past 35, not all bodies are the same and Melo is sadly one of the less fortunate. More than just injuries, you know, it's the player's 'metabolism' (if ever there's another term) or motor that is starting to rust with age. Yep, he still has the moves but too much isolation (that is ball-hogging) during his prime sort of contributed to his body fatigue, and so, what we see now are the consequences.

In the end, is Melo still worth trading for?

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