2017 NBA GO: Is LeBron James going to be traded?

2017 NBA GO: Is LeBron James going to be traded?

Jul 20, 2017, 1:51:06 AM Sport

There have been rumors that LeBron James is going to leave the Cavs after the 2017-2018 season; and so, instead of being left empty-handed, Cavs' management are said to be pondering on trading LeBron -- which makes sense.

But first things first. Why would LeBron leave Cleveland anyway? See, he is already in his home state. Many 'patriotic' players would love to play for their home state yet he would leave? Again??


More than LeBron's personal interests in the Los Angeles area, clearly, this likely move is about chasing the G.O.A.T. -- that's why he's leaving. With this summer's free agency kind of disappointing for LeBron -- yes, considering that the Cavaliers failed to acquire Paul George -- he intends to leave the Cavaliers come next year. And this is becoming more of a fact as he believes he owes nothing to Cleveland after bringing home the 2016 NBA championship.

Wow. Sounds like a prodigal son or something.

Know what, LeBron should just forget the G.O.A.T. chasing -- after all, even his former teammate D-Wade doesn't think he could surpass Michael Jordan. Think about this alone. MJ is 6 of 6 in Finals' appearances. LeBron? We all know he's only won 3 times in 8 tries -- with 2 of them even questionable!

Nah, can't say LeBron played against 26 HOF-bound players while Jordan only played against 9 HOF guys! Who knows if all those that LeBron played with would make it to Springfield?? And even if they do, their era is different!

If we bring those guys Jordan played against during his time to this era, many more would be Hall-of-Famers. For one, because of today's hand-checking foul, those averaging 15+ ppg could be netting 20+ ppg in today's game; while those averaging in the 20s could be norming in the 30s. See?

During Jordan's days and perhaps even earlier, we don't often see teammates helping out their star to continuously get triple-doubles -- unlike what reigning MVP Russell Westbrook has experienced. Like, didn't you notice how Russ has gotten a ton of rebounds?

Yesterday's playing style was real physical, so it's harder to score. Today, perhaps the only physical player is LeBron himself -- that's why he's getting more scoring opportunities against 'physically weaker' defenders.

So, LeBron should just forget the G.O.A.T. chasing. It's better to be loved by your own people than be hated or viewed as arrogant by the world. Furthermore, he would only look cowardly even funny while he jumps from one team to another just to look for teammates who could help him win more championships.

Real great players stay put and build on their own team. Besides, some may have even observed that it's actually LeBron's fault that's why the Cavaliers couldn't get All-Star players from free agency. Remember last year when he even pressured management to re-sign Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith, like, according to their terms? Instead of looking into the future and sacrificing, they got overpaid! Now, they are over the luxury tax limit. See? Why do you think the San Antonio Spurs have been successful for over 20 years now?

Finally, whichever team goes after a LeBron trade would only weaken their own team. Think harder. Trading for LeBron could result in giving up four, five quality players of their own -- thus, who would LeBron be left to play with?? The team would just be back to square one then -- as in his rookie years -- but now, and sadly, with an ageing LeBron James already.

Say what you?

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