2017 NBA GO: Is there a Problem playing for the Warriors or the Cavs?

2017 NBA GO: Is there a Problem playing for the Warriors or the Cavs?

Mar 7, 2017, 11:22:45 PM Sport

Is it fate or mere coincidence? Hey, some notable players have either been getting a pat or a pinch for somehow being connected with Golden State or Cleveland -- yep, just as ex-Cav Andrew Wiggins has been doing well with the Wolves, Kevin Love has been more frequent with the doctors than playing for the Cavs.

Of course, we all know the details about Kevin Durant. He left OKC for GSW. Now he's hurt. 

Just recently, it's Andrew Bogut. He got traded to Dallas in the Warriors pursuit of KD -- then to the Sixers and then deciding to sign up with the Cavaliers. And so in his first game with the Cavs -- just less than a minute into the game against the Miami Heat -- he broke his tibia.

Incidentally, it was ex-Cavalier Dion Waiters who led the Heat in scorching the Cavs, 106-98.

Whew! Just too many related events to be called coincidence. Must be fate.

Think about it. Can't say Bogut is simply injury prone. Otherwise, why sign him up? Thus, is there really a problem playing for the Warriors or the Cavs? As it is, fate just probably wants the league to have a little more balance -- yeah, just as the Sixers have been getting those top draftees that just ended up injured.

Wait. We're just talking about the Warriors and the Cavs. Yes, but doesn't it make sense?!

Anyhow, with issues hounding these two teams, do they still have what it takes to make it back to the Finals? Nahh, not personnel. These teams are loaded. We're saying 'luck'. The Spurs, the Rockets, they could be real tough come the PlayOffs that you'd really need luck to beat 'em. As for the East, if the Raptors could fix their rotation then it doesn't matter if LeBron James is surrounded by shooters..

After all, they could not 'regularly' hit their mark anyway.

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