2017 NBA GO: Kyrie Irving, the Cavs and what lies ahead

2017 NBA GO: Kyrie Irving, the Cavs and what lies ahead

Aug 6, 2017, 12:34:56 AM Sport

Apparently, not one of the four teams that Kyrie Irving wished to be traded to have the assets to entice the Cavs. And so, Uncle Drew is stuck in Cleveland -- for now.

Then again, receiving the more telling blow could be the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

If Kyrie doesn’t get moved before training camp, it would not really be good especially for the Cavs. Mind you, Kyrie is just waiting. And it would be easier for him to blend-in with another team -- if he likes that team -- than for the Cavaliers who relied heavily on his presence. Simply put, the Cavs would need to alter their system; unfortunately, they would not be able to properly prepare come training camp if they do not know who would really compose their backcourt.

Kyrie and D-Rose got different styles. And so does Eric Bledsoe -- save for the likes of Tony Parker and perhaps Chris Paul among others who share Kyrie’s DNA. See, Kyrie and TP9 loves to attack the hoop though unlike Russell Westbrook who plays above the rim which is what D-Rose was before his injuries -- and somehow Bledsoe as well. So, imagine the change in Cleveland's style.


The Cavaliers want Bledsoe and Josh Jackson plus a future pick for Kyrie Irving?

If you were the Phoenix Suns, would you agree? The Suns didn’t. We probably won’t as well. Jackson may still be an unproven entity but he’s a known college standout (that's why teams like the Suns and even the Cavs are interested in him) -- not to mention, he's the Suns' future along with Devin Booker and Marquese Chriss. Perhaps the Cavs should just ask for Bledsoe and Tyson Chandler in return for Kyrie and Iman Shumpert instead.

With Bledsoe and D-Rose teaming up in the backcourt if not alternating as a starter, the Cavs would somehow ease the loss of Kyrie -- and if the coaching staff could develop a good system then it could be another run to the Finals for the Cavs. Especially with the inclusion of Chandler. Defense. Rebounding. And an inside presence who’s a whole lot bigger than Tristan Thompson.

As for Kyrie’s non-committal stance on a long-term deal with any team, that’s another article. For now, Phoenix could just look at this like the Paul George scenario. While George insists in playing for the LA Lakers come 2018, he actually sort of mellowed after the warm welcome of OKC fans. See?


Anyway, while Boston has the assets for a Kyrie trade, it’s understandable if they don’t want to part with Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum. Just like the Suns, these guys are their future. Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder plus a future pick? It would have happened if the Cavs liked it. Then again, guess the Celtics should just pass on this one. Their stars are enough. Isaiah Thomas. Gordon Hayward. Al Horford. And a bunch of promising young talent. All they need is to develop 'fluidity' and they could be a real threat to Cleveland.

‘Cause looking at their lineup they even have, what, 5 PGs?? Of course, they could include 2, 3 of them in whatever package they are thinking of. Still, if ever they would trade, what they really need are tested shooters -- not another PG.


Now, what about the other teams who sent their offers?

The Heat’s Dragic and Winslow looks good. Besides, Dragic is also an attacker like Kyrie, so a Heat-Cavaliers deal here would be beneficial for both teams. Meanwhile, the Wolve’s should not part with Wiggins if only for Kyrie. Anyway, they already have Jeff Teague. And just like Boston, what Minnesota needs is at least one more reliable shooter -- this is aside from Jamal Crawford. The Spurs? Also like the Celtics, they got 5 point guards?! How about sending White to the Austin Spurs for awhile? And if they still want to give LaMarcus Aldridge a chance then they should just pass on Kyrie. Instead, use Murray and Bryn Forbes more -- hey, they got the potential to succeed Tony Parker and Patty Mills! And the Clippers? Doc Rivers should just trust Milos Teodosic’s talent and Beverley’s skills. See, they even got a better team now than with Chris Paul!

Finally the Knicks. Certainly, with basically French rookie Frank Ntilikina manning the point, trading for Kyrie would absolutely make sense. But for whom, Melo? Okay. Just not Porzingis. Besides, they need more talent in other positions than just their big guys in Porzingis, Kuzminskas, Hernangomez and a ‘healthy’ Joaquim Noah -- who are incidentally some of the most promising international talents in the NBA. Sure, Noah is older now, but still.

Say what you?

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