2017 NBA GO: Of Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and more.

2017 NBA GO: Of Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and more.

Jul 16, 2017, 12:59:11 AM Sport

As the 2017 Vegas Summer League comes to a close, free agency has started to mellow as well save for a couple of interesting players who still has to come to terms with his eventual fate -- like Carmelo Anthony.

Well, when Phil Jackson and the Knicks parted ways, more than a few felt that Melo might not get traded anymore; after all, the beef was really between him and Phil. Then again, guess the Knicks just felt that they got to get younger somehow. So, in comes the Rockets and the Cavaliers.

Melo for Anderson. No says the Knicks. Melo for Love. No says the Cavs. Why? More than looking for a third or fourth team, perhaps all these teams should just look into possible player combos within their own roster to get this done. Okay while they are surely at it, maybe this guy just doesn't have that much value anymore. Yeah, Melo's a great scorer but he's just on his way down already -- so, moving him has been a drag, salary-wise.

Though reports say the Knicks are just hesitating. What??

PAUL GEORGE, Oklahoma City Thunder

On the contrary, not so long after PG13 announced that he'd bolt out of the Pacers -- boom, he's off to OKC! That's value. Because George is still in his prime, finding a desirable exchange per Indiana standards was faster.

Thing here is, PG13 is not as an explosive scorer like KD, thus, OKC would still need a solid shooter that's in the mold of a J.J. Redick in their starting unit to support PG13 and Westbrook's style of play -- yes, to at least have a shot of winning a series in an even tougher Western Conference.

CHRIS PAUL, Houston Rockets

Would a Chris Paul-James Harden backcourt actually work? We all know that both these guys are ball-dominant players, so there could be some friction even before the PlayOffs -- that even D'Antoni may not be able to fix.

For as smiles and sweet-talking can only go so far between these two stars; in the end, Harden's game could take a hit with the ball on a traditional PG's hand 85 percent of the time. And to think that the Rockets even plan on adding another ball-dominant guy in Carmelo Anthony! Wow, let's see.

JIMMY BUTLER, Minnesota Timberwolves

Now, probably the team who is in the best position for a breakout season is the Timberwolves -- and all because of Jimmy Butler. See, with Jimmy leading a couple of future All-Stars in Wiggins and Towns -- add to it a capable point guard in Teague and a defensive beast in ex-Bull's teammate Gibson -- you got a contender and possibly a dynasty in the making.

And so for now, can't just worry so much about a 3-point barrage from the Golden State Warriors or even the Rockets what with a defensive coach in Tom Thibodeau piloting such a solid five; of course, given that the Wolves also have a quality bench with their share of decent shooters.

At the end of the day, while we may be harping about Melo's value, he could in fact already be out of the New York Knicks' lineup even as of this writing.

Say what you?

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