2017 NBA GO: On Video Games and Players' Ratings

2017 NBA GO: On Video Games and Players' Ratings

Aug 18, 2017, 2:58:41 AM Sport

The popularity of the NBA has obviously spawned video games that simulate reality. That's cool! We ourselves play with these games -- as it's real entertaining for basketball lovers! But then, have you ever wondered why or how were these players given such ratings?

More so, that even the players themselves react on the ratings these video games have given them?? Funny. Cuz guys, it's just a video game, why be so affected? After all, how do you know that it really speaks of your real value when you don't even know the factors for the ratings!?

For those who 'thinks', the most such ratings would do is entertain or motivate the 'video' player. That's it. 'Cause there's no basis to them but, what, popularity?

Thus, the formula and the attributes should be published, like how we got to know the PIE of a player. Hey, anyone could search for its details in the internet!

PIE is said to measure a player's overall statistical contribution against the total statistics in the games they play in. PIE yields results which are comparable to other advanced statistics (e.g. PER) using a simple formula.(PTS + FGM + FTM - FGA - FTA + DREB + (.5 * OREB) + AST + STL + (.5 * BLK) - PF - TO) / (GmPTS + GmFGM + GmFTM - GmFGA - GmFTA + GmDREB + (.5 * GmOREB) + GmAST + GmSTL + (.5 * GmBLK) - GmPF - GmTO)

'Cause, you see, there's two sides to this.

If you don't make known the formula and the attributes, those who 'knows how to think' could simply accuse you of basing your ratings on popularity or favoritism.

On the contrary, if you make known the formula, not only would the fans understand why these players have such a rating but more importantly, the players themselves could fine tune on the areas they really need to improve. Good for their fans, their team, the league -- and good for their market value come free agency! Got the point? That's why there are even team trainers!

Can't just brag that these ratings are based on 20, 50 or even a hundred attributes when it's only you who knows them. How could one even say that it truly reflects the player's value? Cuz this sounds like guessing. After all, it's not a formula for Coke that if you make known to the public, you could run out of business. In choosing video games, the deciding factor is not in the players' ratings but first and foremost in the graphics and game modes.

Common sense.

In short, with a publicly known formula, you would take away the assumption of bias particularly to those who knows how to 'think' beyond the surface.

Say what you?

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