2017 NBA GO: Some Wisdom on the 2020 2nd Rd Draft Pick (Irving-Thomas Trade)

2017 NBA GO: Some Wisdom on the 2020 2nd Rd Draft Pick (Irving-Thomas Trade)

Sep 1, 2017, 3:01:34 PM Sport

Alright, a little review first before we go through the main agenda. August 22, Cleveland and Boston agrees on the "Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas plus others" trade. Days later, Cleveland puts the deal on hold due to Thomas’ medical -- then asks Boston for additional ‘compensation’ for the injured Thomas like Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum or what have you to get the deal finalized.

Then a standstill. After a week, the trade finally pushes through with the Celtics adding a 2020 second round draft pick they got from Miami. So, did the Cleveland Cavaliers finally get the ‘fair deal’ they wanted?

Hey, it’s a second round pick. And still 3 years away! So, who knows what the Cavaliers are going to get? Yes, Isaiah Thomas himself was a second rounder that blossomed into an All-Star but these things don't happen often. So, in short, adding a 2nd round pick is just something like a sweetener.


We do not believe that Cleveland was unaware of Thomas’ injury since he even got it while playing against them in the recent ECF -- so to ask for additional assets to complete this trade was like trying to save face on something they just thought of was a losing proposition.

We believe Cleveland just got pressured by the nearing of training camp and trying to put up a competitive team that they sort of failed to think clearly on this one. Then again, they probably did not have a plan to begin with in the first place. They just did not know what they wanted but only looked at the offers that were sent to them. And so they got to this point.


Clearly, Boston’s front office is much better than Cleveland. Not only did they know what they wanted out of this deal but they did not budge on Cleveland’s initial request for Brown or Tatum. That would have been catastrophic for them -- one of the worst decisions they could have made.

Now, by offering just a 2020 second rounder, Boston showed class. This is almost like giving candy to appease a crying toddler. Of course, while you’ll never know what that 2020 draft pick would turn out to be -- the greater part of this ‘candy’ thing is really just about luck.

Bottom line, while Thomas claims no doctor has told him his hip injury would be career-ending, everything remains to be seen since he did not undergo surgery to repair whatever 'further damage' his hip could incur when he gets back to the court. And while we commend Thomas' positive attitude, if his body does not cooperate then that would be useless. Another D-Rose case?

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