2017 NBA GO: The LeBron and Kyrie mud-slinging saga, the TRUTH revealed?

2017 NBA GO: The LeBron and Kyrie mud-slinging saga, the TRUTH revealed?

Jul 27, 2017, 2:43:28 PM Sport

LeBron and Kyrie seems to be in a mud-slinging battle nowadays with both camps pointing to this and that. Seriously, did Kyrie never really liked playing with LeBron?? You buy that? ‘Cause now it then appears that the Cavaliers is actually a ‘dysfunctional’ organization.

Oh, this gives hope to whom most are pointing as dysfunctional -- the Sacramento Kings!

If a dysfunctional Cavs could win a championship then even the Kings or a Phil Jackson-led New York Knicks could, all they need is some ‘king’ on their side. This then makes the San Antonio Spurs’ organization a nuisance. Come to think of it, culture then doesn’t matter after all. You buy that??

Anyway, if Kyrie really didn’t want to play alongside LeBron James -- since he came back to Cleveland -- then why didn’t Kyrie ask for a trade back then? This is all just circus! As it is, Kyrie at that time even told the media that he is not a leader type and so, he welcomed the return of LeBron. Then, after 3 years of playing together -- he says he never really liked it? Nonsense! Being professional can only go so far -- and it definitely won’t take 3 years before one realizes that he don’t belong -- especially if one's smart.

And remember, Kyrie even waited for LeBron (like to console each other) at the tunnel after the Cavs lost in this year’s Finals. And LeBron’s reply then? “We’ll be back.” See?!

What, Kyrie just wants to win a championship first before revealing his ambitions?? That’s crap! A ‘partnership’ can’t be at their best when there’s no chemistry, thus, it would be impossible to win especially at the highest level. Mind you, Kyrie recently even said that he would ONLY demand a trade if LeBron leaves the Cavaliers in 2018.

So, as we previously said something’s just really fishy here. Like a cover-up to LeBron’s questionable commitment to the Cavs beyond next summer -- yes, so he won’t get as much flak for dumping Cleveland, again. And since LeBron would leave again, like to search for championship buddies, Kyrie felt that he’d better leave ahead of LeBron to make him realize his (and his teammates) value -- even Richard Jefferson understands this and it’s not just because Kyrie’s all grown up and wants his own team. Otherwise, if only to run his own team then why didn't he just keep everything to himself and wait for LeBron to leave next year so he’d have the Cavs all for himself??

But with all this brouhaha, maybe LeBron just might rethink his plans for 2018 especially if the Cavs could still rule the East with ease and acquire the pieces LeBron wants -- Cleveland fans should then thank Kyrie for this, it's like he sacrificed.

Say what you?

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