2017 NBA GO: The Real Reason behind Kyrie Irving's Trade Request?

2017 NBA GO: The Real Reason behind Kyrie Irving's Trade Request?

Jul 23, 2017, 1:22:40 AM Sport

You must have heard about it already -- it's all over the news, the internet -- and basketball enthusiasts the world over are simply caught in surprise. Yes, even more than the recent free agency heat of Paul George.

Kyrie Irving wants to be traded!

Reports say he doesn't want to play under the shadow of LeBron James anymore -- and wants to be traded to either the Spurs, the Heat, the Wolves or the Knicks. Wow, I mean why, really? 'Cause you know, Kyrie's reason is just unthinkable.

He doesn't want to play with LeBron?? Really? Unless they seriously have some beef then and only then would it be, well, believable. After all, they did go to the Finals for 3 straight years; so, for Kyrie to just say that he doesn't want to play with LeBron -- hmm, there's just something fishy here.


Could the league or some people who seeks to immortalize LeBron just be trying to divert the fans' attention?? I mean, so LeBron could move out of Cleveland -- and help him get more titles -- without getting much flak. Subsequently, they could now point at Kyrie for leaving the Cavs as LeBron's reason for quitting on the Cleveland Cavaliers, again. What a perfect alibi!

While Kyrie is a great player, we know that he could not carry a team. Actually, no NBA player for that matter -- past or present. Otherwise, why would they hope or want better teammates anyway? Can't they just play with whom they have as Tristan Thompson suggested (when LeBron was intruding into his personal life)?

Looking carefully, LeBron's focus on leaving Cleveland next year has something to do with Kyrie's desire to get traded. It's not because he doesn't want to play with LeBron, it's because LeBron doesn't know how to appreciate his teammates. Like, just because they lost to the Warriors, LeBron would just run away like he did when the Spurs beat his Miami Heat back in 2014. See how cowardly?

And to think that he even wants to be the G.O.A.T.??

Ey for one, how could he when he just keeps jumping from one team to another? Like what we previously said you'd even look silly trying to seek teammates to help you win more championships by transferring from team to team. Real great players just builds on the team they are in.

At the end of the day, Kyrie's trade request is understandable. It's not his fault. It's just tiring to play with a guy who does not have or value commitment. And so, it's better to leave ahead of LeBron so he realizes what he's been doing. That simple.

Say what you?

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