2017 NBA GO: This Season’s MVP -- Westbrook? Harden? Maybe Not

2017 NBA GO: This Season’s MVP -- Westbrook? Harden? Maybe Not

Apr 1, 2017, 1:48:17 AM Sport

It’s the last day of March and boy, do we smell the PlayOffs! Yeah! But wait. Who do you think should be this season’s MVP? Russell Westbrook with his record-breaking triple-doubles? James Harden with his play in the rise of the Rockets as a real contender?

Oh, speaking of contenders -- what about Kevin Durant? Well, he just lacks sooo many games that either Harden or Westbrook could easily make people forget that he’s also a candidate. And Kawhi Leonard? Again, the noise of Harden and Westbrook are just too loud for a ‘quiet’ Kawhi. Hmm..

Okay, Kawhi is the man for the NBA’s second best team, but this is still like his first year as the Spurs’ alpha dog -- so, some could say that his play just elevated because of their system, or somethin' like that, you know. So, it’s not his time yet.

Westbrook? While he keeps piling up those triple doubles, his team is just in the bottom-half of the standings. But if his OKC could advance to the second round -- then why not?? Wait. When do they give the award again? Hehe.

Harden? Yeah, his Rockets are the league’s third best team but isn’t it also because of his strong supporting cast? Gordon. Anderson. Ariza. Nene. Beverley. And then they got Lou Williams, too. Save for Nene, ey, these guys are good shooters!

Then again, if ever there’s some guy who could silence the top two contenders, then it should be Boston’s Isaiah Thomas. He’s led his team to even contend for the East’s top spot. Not to mention he’s hugging the coattails of Larry Bird to becoming the Celtics’ highest-scoring player for a single season. Yet he’s just 5-foot-9, a very crafty 5-foot-9! See??

So, how about Isaiah Thomas, eh?

If his Celtics could officially secure the East’s number one seed -- then why not??

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