2017 NBA GO: Time to Move On, Cavs

2017 NBA GO: Time to Move On, Cavs

Aug 1, 2017, 2:26:38 PM Sport

As we wait for the move that would change the NBA landscape anew, the Kyrie-LeBron tussle has expectedly subsided; yes, inspite of overblown rumours that LeBron would beat up Kyrie for tarnishing his image and all -- not until recently when LeBron worked out with Derrick Rose and Phoenix's Eric Bledsoe in Las Vegas.

Well, what's wrong with working out anyway?

It's just a sign of trying to move on. Also, it's a way of checking out your would-be point guard(s). Besides, LeBron's son LeBron Jr. is in a Vegas tourney, thus, he's also in some dad mode out there. And so after the workout became known, Kyrie and Steph Curry who were both attending Harrison Barnes' wedding tried to make fun of the said workout. Uh-oh.

Seems that Kyrie's really burning bridges -- from not answering phone calls to singing some 'leading' tunes to making fun of LeBron's Vegas workout. If this is the case then Dan Gilbert should not force the issue anymore -- like, don't try to make Kyrie be at the Cavs' training camp. What's the point? That would not only be awkward but factions among players could occur -- messing up whatever chemistry the Cavaliers may still have.

It's just time to really move on from Uncle Drew. Yes, regardless of that ink and paper leverage that the Cavs' management has on Kyrie.

See, as far as we all know, Kyrie never said he wants out 'cause he's better than LeBron or something like that. He wants out simply because he doesn't want to be under the 'kingly' shadows of LeBron anymore. Though, of course, we keep asking why Kyrie didn't demand for a trade after the Cavaliers failed to commit on their said promise to him. Like, why wait 3 years?

Okay, it's understandable that the Cavs are looking for a good return in this Kyrie Irving sweepstakes -- but for the sake of the team itself, ey, they should not drag this thing until training camp -- unresolved. Still thinking of patching up?? Do it now. But training camp? It's for training. To be at your best, focus is needed. After all, you already got Rose while LeBron has even worked out with Bledsoe, too.

Now, while Kyrie is undeniably better than either Rose or Bledsoe, having both these guys could somehow fill the gap left by Uncle Drew. So, if a straight trade between Cleveland and Phoenix is not possible then get a third or fourth team.

The main focus should be on getting the player(s) that should fill Kyrie's shoes -- getting much more is just secondary, while trying to send Kyrie to the worst team is childish. Look, trying a 3 birds-in-one-stone approach, in this case, would only have repercussions. Hey, this is basketball not war! This may be business but 'sportsmanship' should not be forgotten. The business is even about sports!

Be that example. Say what you?

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