2017 NBA GO: Trades and Latest Player Movements

2017 NBA GO: Trades and Latest Player Movements

Feb 16, 2017, 3:30:05 AM Sport

While many of us await if the Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love trade would push through, let's talk about some of the more interesting NBA player movements that happened recently. 

CLE Mike Dunleavy, Mo Williams and a draft pick for ATL Kyle Korver

Well, guess Korver would not have ended with the Cavaliers if J.R. Smith was healthy. So, it'd be interesting to know what would happen when Smith suits up again. While Korver could still be useful -- yeah, we saw his one-game, good-game -- why did the Cavs get him anyway? They got James Jones. Why not use him? Was he re-signed just for the locker room?

Besides, LeBron James keeps whining about their need for another point guard. Then why didn't they get a point guard instead of a shooter?

POR Mason Plumlee for DEN Jusuf Nurkic

A center for a center? What were they actually thinkin'? I mean, Portland and Denver. Did these guys have attitude problems? Or just not the right fit? Ahh perhaps, not the right coaches. Makes sense? With both teams fighting for the last spot in the tough Western Conference, a center for a center trade doesn't sound logical. What they need is to establish a third wheel. 

Like the Trail Blazers for instance, after Lillard and McCollum, who's next? Aminu seems a good choice. See? Yet again, in this trade, both centers have just about the same skill set.. So? Probably their respective teams felt that a 'change of scenery' could make them superhuman. Hmm...

ORL Serge Ibaka for TOR Terrence Ross and a draft pick

Now, this one sounds more logical -- Ibaka for Ross. Ibaka could certainly lift the Raptors' defensive stance and athleticism in the 4 and 5 spots. Honestly, Ross just became a nuisance since the arrival of DeMarre Carroll at Toronto. On the part of the Magic, a logjam of big men didn't quite help their cause. Aaron Gordon, with his height, athleticism and ability to knock down threes could be more useful at the four spot. He'd certainly create mismatches there.

But now, the Magic has become guard-forward-heavy. Fournier. Green. Hezonja. Rudez. Brown. Now, Ross. If you do not give playing time especially to the younger ones, how could they develop? Another question. Why aren't they maximizing Jeff Green?? We did see his potential and skills since his Boston days! What a waste of talent!?

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