My Uncle Won a Singing Competition!

My Uncle Won a Singing Competition!



It was a normal Sunday afternoon until I got a phone call from my mom saying, "Book 5 flights for us to California, Uncle Robert might make it to top 10!"

So, my Uncle Robert was always a great singer. He was always practicing in our living room with karaoke. The last competition he entered in was the Asia competition and he got second place. Then, he entered the V Star competition which is like American Idol, but for Vietnamese singers obviously.


Back to the phone call from my mother -- I was so shocked and happy for Uncle Robert. Friday would be semi-finals, and Sunday would be finals/finale of the show. I knew I would have to miss practice for Monday, but this could be a huge opportunity for my uncle if he won! So we ended up going and he actually won, which I knew he would since he got so many crowd reactions when we were watching him perform during the live show.

Enjoy my vlog on our trip in Cali!

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