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Flawed caught my attention, in the fact that everyone had to be perfect. The story is centered around a teenage girl named Celestine. She lives in a world that you have to be perfect, you can never make a mistake or anything. When you make a mistake in this world, you have to go in front of a court and they decide whether or not you are guilty, if you are found guilty you are branded on a part of your body. You can be branded on your temple, chest, hand, the heel of your foot, tongue, and spine.

They call this system, The Guild. The Guild is not the law, though, you still have the government and police officers. The Guild is Just a system they developed after their government collapsed, because all their elected officials made awful decisions and caused so much damage, they created the guild. Celestine is perfect, She’s always done everything right, except helping the old man on the bus. The Old man is flawed, he has a brand on his temple. Celestine helps him into his seat because he was sick and coughing, he needed help. Celestine ends up getting branded for helping a sick old man to a seat. She ends up being told to lie in court, so she must be flawed and tell a lie to be deemed not flawed. Celestine ends up telling the truth in court and gets 5 brands, except the judge is so angry with her for telling the truth, he gives her a 6th brand. The 6th brand is not on the record and can get the judge in big trouble if Celestine can save her skin and find the video, She and she only can bring the whole system to and end.

Now this book got me thinking, what if we had a system like this? How many people would be branded in our world? I love this book, but at this same time, if it was a reality it would definitely be a scary one. What would happen if someone dies just because they couldn’t get medical help, just because they are flawed, that’s what this book centers around. The system is messed up, you can not help a flawed even if they are dying, and the judge can use the system to punish and rule however he sees fit. This book opened my mind up and got me thinking. I can’t wait to see where the second one goes. The second book in this series will be out April 4, 2017, on amazon. If you would like to purchase flawed or Preorder Perfect. I will leave links down below.

Flawed – https://www.amazon.com/Flawed-Novel-Cecelia-A…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Perfect – https://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Cecelia-A…/…/ref=pd_sim_14_3…

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