How To Survive The Show-Hole Using Netflix

How To Survive The Show-Hole Using Netflix

I’m sure you have all heard of this tragic occurance. It’s when you finish binge watching or catching up on a show, and something depression-like crawls up on you. I haven’t had to experience this until recently because, I have been watching really good shows nonstop.

To keep you lovely people from experiencing this terrible feeling, I have compiled a list of movies and TV shows available on Netflix. I made my original list off of recommendations, but some of them I just couldn’t get into. Some of these ones are only interesting for the first couple of seasons, but I will let you decide.

Here’s My New List!:

Scandal (eeek!)


-Friends (classic) 

– Parks and Rec

– Courage the Cowardly Dog (kid show throwback)

– Pride and Prejudice

– Pirates of the Caribbean

– Dexter

-The Returned

-Breaking Bad ( One of the best written shows ever!)

Pokemon: Indigo League

– The Walking Dead (IF you don’t already watch it. If you do, then it doesn’t hurt to watch again.)

Law and Order: SVU

– Salem (Very explicit, but good, so beware.)

The Office

-Criminal Minds


-Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


-The 100

Grey’s Anatomy (Love this show with all my heart)

-American Horror Story

-Forrest Gump

-White Chicks


Comment any other suggestions that are not listed, these are all the ones that I have watched so far. Well, the ones that don’t make me look like I watch cartoons all day, or watch the same shows as a 5-year-old. Hope this saves you a few months from the dreaded show hole.

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