The Importance of Testimonies

The Importance of Testimonies

Have you ever bore your testimony of Christ or some aspect of the gospel to someone? A few of us probably have and thought nothing of it because we are used to bearing our testimonies. Some of us may hear testimonies bore on Sundays, but don't really listen because it is such a common practice in Church. I am totally guilty of both, but the other day I learned the importance of bearing our unique testimonies to others and listening when others bear their own.

In my Church the first Sunday of every month is known as "fast and testimony" Sunday. We do exactly as the name implies. We fast for personal, spiritual, and temporal reasons, and we bear testimony for about 50 minutes after we partake of the Sacrament. Nobody is assigned to go up to the podium and bear their testimony, it is done purely by promptings from the Holy Ghost to the individual. Because this practice is done so religiously it is easy to fall into the mindset of "today I don't have to pay attention in Church." It is easy to zone out, whisper to our friends, or even play on our phones during this meeting. But I realized that this meeting is one of the most important meetings we could go to.

We all have an idea or image of Christ and His abilities. These ideas are based off what we learn in the Scriptures, Church Leaders, and our personal spiritual experiences. So, you may think you have a good idea about Christ (and it is!), but it isn't the full picture. Our understanding of Christ and the Father are so minuscule! And this is totally okay, because we have each other to learn and grow from! Bearing our personal testimonies of how the Lord has blessed and changed our lives to others is how our own and their understanding of Christ deepens and broadens. Thus, a deeper understanding of Christ equals a deeper understanding of Heavenly Father because They are one in perfect purpose.

There is no doubt that our spiritual experiences with Christ are all very different and very personal. However, sharing special experiences (if comfortable) with others can really help someone with their idea of Christ and His power. Danny Gokey conveys this perfectly in his song about Christ titled, "More Than You Think I Am." Truly, Christ is so much more than we think He is, so why not share what we know of Him with others? This is why bearing our testimonies in Church, at home, with our friends and coworkers can be so effective in furthering the good news of Jesus Christ.

Another way to understand the importance of testimonies is to read the Scriptures! The scriptures are full of testimonies about the Savior and His Gospel. These testimonies are from men and women, from apostles and regular disciples. We hold these testimonies so sacred, so it only makes sense to hold our own testimonies and the testimonies of others sacred as well. Holding testimonies sacred means to stop, listen (or read), and ponder. Don't let anyone's testimony go through one ear and out the other, sometimes they hold a bit of gospel lessons and treasures.

It is because of the countless testimonies of others that I am a believer in Jesus Christ, His Atonement, and the Plan of Happiness. It is because of those testimonies that I am a member of Christ's Church and am willing to take upon myself the covenants of baptism and the temple. It is because of those testimonies that my friends have been able to be the hands of the Lord in my life. Most importantly, because of those testimonies I have a testimony of my own and a much better, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Published by Courtney Watson

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