How to Create a Multi-Purpose Space with a Garden Room

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How to Create a Multi-Purpose Space with a Garden Room

Apr 27, 2022, 8:46:09 AM Life and Styles

Setting up a garden room is all about making the best possible use of the space you have available. In which case, why not invest in a garden room that serves multiple purposes?

Creating the ultimate multi-purpose space outdoors can be surprisingly simple. You could combine your dream outdoor office space with a relaxing cinema room, or perhaps your garden gym with an al-fresco kitchen. If the mood takes you, why not combine your new outdoor dining room with your own private rehearsal space?

The options for creating a multi-purpose space are endless – just as long as your garden room is large enough to accommodate your needs. But when it comes to dividing your garden room into separate spaces, there are two main design options to consider.

1.    Creating a Physical Partition

The first option (and arguably the most effective) is to install a physical partition in your garden room, splitting it into two separate spaces of the required size.

This is something that will need to be factored into the initial design and installation specifications for your garden room. As all garden rooms are bespoke structures, there is extensive scope for customisation.

During your initial consultation, you will be able to discuss your preferences and requirements with your supplier. This may also include whether you want to fit more than one external door to your garden room, providing independent access to the separate spaces.

Depending on how you intend to use your partitioned garden room, you may also have your own preferred configuration for its windows, locations of electrical sockets and so on.

2.    Separate the Spaces with Furniture

The alternative is to create something of an illusion of separation, with the strategic placement of fixtures and furniture. In this case, something as simple as a sofa could be used to divide a space in two, or a large free-standing bookcase.

Creating the illusion of separation can be further enhanced by varying the décor of the two spaces. Using different floor coverings can be particularly effective – even if something as simple as two large rugs of different designs and colours.

With this approach, your goal is to create the same effect as an open-plan space indoors; a room that combines more than one space, but with clear (non-physical) distinction that divides between the two.

As this approach does not call for any structural adjustments to your garden room, it is something that can be experimented with at any time.

Total Creative Freedom

All aspects of your bespoke garden room can be crafted to suit your exact requirements and preferences. Even a relatively small garden room can be divided into two separate spaces, using either of the options outlined above.

If you would like to gain maximum practical value from your garden room, discuss the options available with your supplier during your initial consultation. Request their suggestions on how your garden room could be transformed into a multi-purpose space, and which optional extras are available to make each of these spaces as comfortable and practical as possible.

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