Book Review : True Calling ( True Calling #1 ) by Siobhan Davis

 It’s a really captivating, thrilling and engaging read – it’s unlike anything I’ve read before. I really love how the story is being laid out. I was so absorbed by it that I practically went through half of it in one day. I couldn’t stop reading it. It’s a really good book and I really recommend it.

“True Calling” is the first installment in the book series bearing the same name.The book is divided into three parts as it comes :  the first part introduces us into the new world as it is told by Ariana, whom we get to know all about ,throughout this first part. We get to know  her family and friends in this part as well. The second part is the part in which  we will get a closer „look” at who Zane really is and what’s his connection to Ariana, and the 3rd  part where we you are being updated to what goes on in Ariana’s life back on Novo.
As I said, the first part is all about getting to know the new planet – Novo – where most of the Earth population has been moved to. A planet that has been under development ever since the 1960s, and which features an ultra-developed technology.  The planet is being divided into 7 Regions that are meant to keep its new occupants, the memory of their life on Earth. Although the planet is highly developed, and it sounds like a perfect new home, nothing is as perfect as it seems.  Once they arrive here they are being administered a serum – the Nostalgia Elixir – that is meant to erase all of their personal memories of their old life and have inserted a Vita plaque which blocks every ounce of memory that may come back to them – therefore, they are easily controlled by the Novo government.

Ariana’s family is one of the many others who were eligible to be moved on Novo for a new start in life. There are a few things that she doesn’t like about her new home : the fact that they are being constantly watched by the government – big brother, is how she refers to it – , and the new policy according to which every 17-year-old has to enter a pageant contest – The Calling – which implies that each and every one of them will be assigned a future spouse whom they’ll have to marry by the time they’re 18. She has a bit of small problem of her own since arriving on Novo – she keeps dreaming about a boy named Zane, whom she doesn’t recall.   The day her father is being declared missing her worst nightmares come to life and it’s up to her to take care of her family.

„The Calling” pageant process, is more like a normal school test with the additions of some health and beauty remodeling. This pageant is the Novo Government’s new way of increasing the population on the planet. A contest with which most people don’t agree at all – Ariana included. . Each candidate has to follow this  procedure if he doesn’t want to be put out, and they are each assigned a coordinator. After the tests they are given a Top Ten list with possible suitors. This contest brings her and the one guy she’s liked ever since stepping foot on Novo – Cal Remus -, together. There seems to be only one tiny little problem, her father doesn’t agree with their love and soon we’re bound to find out why.

In part two of the book, we are getting a closer look on who Zane is and what’s his connection to her and how life on Earth is going. In this part we learn that Zane was her best friend ,-  until Ariana has been moved to Novo by the new government – who works at a pharmaceutical company that is responsible with the medical supplies and equipment for Novo. Zane and Ariana share of gift of sorts that allows them to communicate long distance, through dreams – mostly. This extrasensorial ability allows them both to see, hear and talk with each other. If only he could have some proof that he’s actually getting through to her. We also get to see the insides of the Clementia – a movement that’s bound to fight for the freedom of all mankind.

If it only it were that simple….Now it’s up to the Clementia Team techie – Zane – to break into the Novo’s system if they want to escape the tyranny of the new government. The questions that arise now, are : Will he make in time or not ? Will they obtain the freedom for all of the mankind or will they fail ? Read the book to find out the answers to these questions and many more.

Published by Cristina Piciu


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