Is Your Job Perfect ?

Is Your Job Perfect ?

Sep 4, 2016, 9:56:48 PM Business

We are all searching for that one perfect job, which can provide us with a good working schedule, great paycheck and great bosses. Unfortunately, this fairy tale doesn’t always come with all those ingredients and we end up a little bit – more or less – disappointed.

This is the life itself. It never gives us everything we desire, but it gives us what we need instead. We just need to read between the lines, because that’s where the real meaning of everything we are given is found. I have always thought that in order to feel good at work, what’s more important are the co-workers. I don’t know if it’s just me or if there are other people out there who put as much accent on the same thing as I do, but…thruth be told if the co-workers are all sad, angry, grumpy etc. then, you will not have peace at work. I am extremely happy that everywhere I had worked before, the colleagues were – still are – happy, positive people with whom you can have fun while working and that makes working less stressful and the hours are flying by just like clouds on a sunny but windy day.

I am not saying that the paycheck isn’t all that important, because it is. But as long as you have a working place that offers you the minimum – being a human that works like a dog isn’t fair at all – I say, you just stay there and continuously search for that one job that satisfies all your needs. Though, to be quite honest, those kind of jobs aren’t offered to everybody. It is true that, these days employers are being really picky when it comes to selecting their future employees, and that just saddens me. I mean, what if that exact person they are rejecting so easily, could be the one for the job ? What if he/she has what it takes for it ? Aren’t we all human and therefore deserve to be given the same chances ? ( Theoretically, yes…practically, unfortunately things stay a little more different. Practicality is what kills us most in this life more than anything else.) It is just so sad. I know how it feels to always get rejected, and it pains me to see that nothing is about to change on this topic.

I know just how hard it is these days to find a job and I have sort of talked about it in New Beginnings : When Dreams Come Truepost, about a few weeks ago. That post is all about setting yourself big dreams and keep on pursuing them, because everything is possible if you truly believe in it. Now, it’s true that not everything we dream for comes true; but at the right time the right dream will happen. There is someone up there that cares about you and watches every step you take. I truly believe in that. Maybe my hopes of finally getting a job were way below the sea level and I was beginning to get really depressed because of it, but in the end everything turned out fine and the sun had finally shone on my street as well and all those grey clouds have faded into the distance.

And, like I said in the beginning of this post; the main thing that makes work less stressful and more enjoyable are the co-workers. I don’t know if it’s the way I am that attracts great people or just the fact that I may in fact be a little lucky when it comes to people. Anyway…

My advice to everyone who is going through tough times is : Keep your chin up, hold you head high and don’t lose your hope. It may be rainy now, but it won’t be forever ! The sun will eventually shine for you too, and all those grey clouds will fade away ! 

Published by Cristina Piciu

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