A day trip to Bucas Grande Islands

A day trip to Bucas Grande Islands

Jul 26, 2019, 1:58:48 AM Life and Styles

After our 3 days stay in Siargao, we went to an another popular destination which brought me to hidden lagoons, caves and jellyfish!

Bucas Grande has rose to fame due to its beautiful lagoons and caves. It’s also called the “El Nido” of Surigao due to its resemblance to El Nido, Palawan. From Dapa port in Siargao, we rode a passenger boat and it took as an hour before we reached Bucas Grande. For our day trip, we went to the following destinations: Tojoman Lagoon, Sohoton Cove, Hagukan Cave and Magkukuob Cave.

Paddling through the lagoons of Bucas Grande

Tojoman Lagoon

Also known as Jellyfish Sanctuary ,this wonder lagoon is home to hundreds of stingless jellyfish. Unfortunately, we only saw few small jellyfishes since they usually thrive during the months of March and April.

Tiny jellyfish lurking beside our boat

However, the lagoon surprised me. It was the bluest lagoon i have ever seen- although the water is milky and not that clear. We also had a free swim in the lagoon, which is 15-20 ft deep.

Sohoton Cove

Entering Sohoton Cove is like walking through a magical portal to an another world. According to our tour guide, you can only enter(and exit) this cove during the low tide.

Before entering Sohoton Cove, you wouldn’t expect that beneath those huge limestone mountains lies a huge, beautiful lagoon with caves nearby. We went to 2 popular caves in Sohoton Cove: The Hagukan Cave and Magkukuob Cave.

Hagukan Cave

This is also known as the snoring cave, due to the snoring sound it produces because of the waves that crashes to the cavern’s roof. We swam through a tiny passage before entering the underwater cave, and the water is bio-luminescent green. We also saw beautiful stalactites inside the cave and swimming there feels like you’re in an enchanted world where fairies and mermaid exist.

Inside the cave

Magkukuob Cave (Diving Cave)

Last but not the least, we went to Magkukuob Cave and this is the highlight of our trip. We wade in waist-deep water as we enter the cave, and we marvel at the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites inside. Sohoton is indeed full of wonders!

Here comes the thrill part. In order to exit the cave, you need to rock climb then jump off a cliff! My mother instead walked back to the mouth of the cave since she didn’t want to cliff dive, so it’s just me, my siblings and my dad. The rock climb is no joke, since it’s very steep and slippery.

Picture taking at the mouth of the cave

After our rock climb, we jumped off the cliff! It was quite scary since it looks high, but I jumped anyway! Mission accomplished :) 

Thank you for the memories, Bucas Grande! Here’s to more exploring hidden lagoons and cliff jumps!

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