Visit Bulusan Lake at Sorsogon, Philippines

Visit Bulusan Lake at Sorsogon, Philippines

Jul 21, 2018, 4:11:48 AM Life and Styles

This popular tourist destination belongs to my mom's bucketlist and at first, I was hesitant to go here because I thought there's nothing much to see. Apparently, I was wrong and i'm thankful for it! There's so much to see here at Bulusan Lake.


How we got there: 

From Matnog, we traveled around 45-50 minutes to get to Bulusan Lake by private car. We also learned that Bulusan Lake is situated in a nature park called Bulusan Volcano Natural Park.


20180529_102901 Kilometers of some countries from Sorsogon.

Bulusan lake is situated in an active volcano called Mt. Bulusan. The moment we got there, the spectacular view of the lake greeted us plus the scenic nature of mountains and virgin forests.


You can rent their kayaks if you want to tour the lake yourself, but we opted for a tour guide and rented a larger boat for 5.


During our tour, we learned that the water in the lake is so clean that the water in the deepest part of the lake is allowed for drinking. The area is well-preserved and very photography worthy, that is.


The park have also picnic huts and a long hanging bridge, which is just a short hike from the entrance of the park.


The thrilling part of our visit is walking back to the entrance through their long, narrow and moving hanging bridge. For our safety, our guide attached a harness to each of us as we walk through the bridge. The scary part of the bridge is not how high it is, but the way it moves! It feels like you might fall into the bridge, not to mention that the bridge's walkway is steep and uneven which makes it difficult to walk. Thank God there is a harness available! 20180529_13250720180529_13334020180529_13254420180529_13351020180529_133532IMG_6246

Bulusan Lake is definitely worth our visit and I'll make sure that I will go back here. I would also try again to walk to their terror hanging bridge : )

See you again next time, Bulusan!

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