Secrets For Back To School

Secrets For Back To School

Sep 8, 2016, 1:06:27 PM Life and Styles

The first day of school never had me feeling overwhelmed with anxiety or shedding any tears.

Tuesday, the day after Labour Day, for as long as I can remember always meant the start of a new school year.   This brought on many first day photos plastered along my Facebook NewsFeed together with the thoughts of many anxious and nervous parents.

The minions embarked on their journeys of 9th Grade and 6th Grade – first day of school has become routine. From a young age they attended daycare so making the leap to school never really fazed them whatsoever – and it never phased me. This was a routine we had adapted successfully and one that will continue to be part of our life until Graduation Day.

This time of year was never a big adjustment, we simple got the kids ready in the morning and whether it was daycare or school, we were all adjusted.

My Four Secrets To Back To School:

1. Kids are resilient. They adapt so easily. However, I truly believe that children feed off their parent’s energy; if they sense you are nervous, they will be nervous. 

2. Your child will be so excited to tell you about their first day of school. Listen quietly no matter how long it takes. Sooner or later, they will stop telling you all the details and all you will get is “school was good, what’s for dinner?”

3. It’s great to keep memories of art work, but pick and choose. If you keep everything, it will take over your house. They make about 100 art projects a year. 

4. Embrace helping them with homework when they are young. Soon they will be in high school and you won’t understand their math homework. Third day of school, and I already googled Kira’s homework just so I can pretend to understand it

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