How to Dress for an Interview

How to Dress for an Interview

Oct 28, 2016, 9:41:45 PM Business

An interview is a very critical and important part of the new hire process. The interview itself is typically the last phase before entering into a new position or job. Because of this fact, I have put together 4 short tips on how to successfully dress for an interview.

As an interviewee, you are presenting a total package to your potential new employer, so always make sure that what you are presenting is appealing. 



Tip #1. When in Doubt, Standard it Out

When in doubt, go for the standard professional attire for an interview. You can google online "professional interview attire," for both men and women, to get an idea of what standard and proper attire looks like. 



Depending on the type of interview you are going on, most businesses look for business professional or business casual attire. Whatever your budget can afford, try your best to pick out an outfit that is most suitable for the job you are applying for. There are many organizations and discount stores that offer well-made business suits and professional attire that you can find locally, so do your research and bargain shop if you have to.


Tip#2. Research Company Guidelines

Again, depending on the type of interview you are going on, certain dress code requirements may apply.

Research the company or school you are applying to, and make sure that what you chose to wear on your interview day is appropriate. 

The last thing you want to do is wear the wrong thing on one of the most important days of your new hire process. You want to leave a positive and lasting impression, so do your research!


Tip#3. Dress Comfortably

It may seem like common sense to dress comfortably, but some people might find it difficult to dress professionally and comfortably at the same time. The key here is to dress in clothes that fit you, and are breathable. Interviewers read body language, so the last thing you want to do is be a fidgeter, fidgeting at your clothes while on your interview. 

To avoid being uncomfortable, try your clothes on the day/night before your interview just to make sure you are okay with the outcome. Practice sitting, walking, and standing in your outfit to ensure that in every position, you feel comfortable. 



Tip #4. Make An Impression that Counts!

You want to stand out with your total presentation at your interview. This includes your ability to introduce yourself properly, your ability to answer the questions asked to you in a proper and informative way, and your ability to look the part.

What always helps me when deciding on what to wear to an interview, is the saying, "look like your the boss", or "dress the part of the position you are applying for." I like the dress-like-a-boss saying because it ensures that I will put my best foot forward, and be confident while doing so.



Confidence is key. As an interviewee, you want to make sure that you have practiced, done your research, and properly prepared for this special day. You want your confidence to stand out, and you want your interviewer to remember you in a positive light.


Dress the part, look the part, and go out and kill your next interview!





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