Tragedy in Orlando: What Have We Gathered and What Have We Learned?

Tragedy in Orlando: What Have We Gathered and What Have We Learned?

As many of you may already be aware of, tragedy struck Orlando, FL at a downtown nightclub early this Sunday morning.

Now, as a result of conflict in this country, an array of commentary, labels, and stereotypes have been hurled toward this topic. 

1. The most obvious topic of conversation is pointed out in the fact that this incident in Orlando happened at a gay nightclub.

As a Christian, I am use to hearing the negative connotations many Christians unfortunately have toward this community of people. Unfortunately, instead of showing love and compassion toward a people whom God loves, many of my brothers and sisters in Christ have instead shown hate and a lack of condolence for these people and the loss of their families and loved ones. 

As a people of believers, we must stand together. A house divided against itself cannot stand. 

Prayer is needed, love and compassion is commanded from us, and we must use this time to emit light in the face of darkness. 

2. Another trigger of conversation as a result of this incidence is gun control.

The newest hot topic in politics has emerged again, and everyone is taking sides and taking names. Gun control is a very sensitive topic. For one, you have many Americans who love their guns and feel a sense of protection and ownership over their rights to own one. On the other hand, you have many other Americans who believe guns are extremely dangerous and demand stricter laws to be enforced. 

3. The final hot button topic resulting from the crime committed to this community is the talk of terrorism in this country.

Terrorism has always been a hot button topic of concern of American and foreign politics. As Americans, we want our country to be protected- as does every other country in the world.

The religious connotation of this word "terrorism" is what has everyone talking. There is talk of Islamic relations to the shooter, and a connection to ISIS. However, the shooter's father states religion had nothing to do with his son's motives. 

I don't have all the facts and I didn't know the guy so I have no remarks in relation to his personal religion or affiliations with certain religious groups. What I can say, is that as a result of this conversation, all religious groups across the country have come together to pay homage and respect to the victims of this heinous crime.

My hope is that we will all remember that we are all people, and God created us all. What we choose to do as a result of our free will, (who we choose to worship, who we choose to love, what principles and morals we choose to live by), is up to us and between God and us. He makes the final decision. We have control over our emotions, our reactions to said emotions, and the decisions we choose to make.

So choose love. Allow God's love to inspire us all to love people and bring them into the perfect will of God. Isn't that why we are here?

I'm curious however to hear your take on it.

Comment below about your thoughts on these issues and the crisis that took place in Orlando this weekend. 


Thanks for reading. 

Published by Crystal Ngumezi

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