They said but God says!

They said but God says!

Nov 14, 2016, 9:50:44 PM Religion

I am SO excited to be sharing this with you all. It has been stirring on my heart and I felt led to release it as I believe many need to hear it right now.

For a while I’ve been thinking about my own story and testimony as it relates to my life. For those who don’t know or are new, I was born at 1lbs 3 oz. If it wasn’t for the hand and mercy of God keeping me from near death due to a brain bleeed at birth, I wouldn’t be here today. My full testimony can be found at the top of my blog here, titled “My Testimony”.

As the title of this post says, how many of us know as indiviuals that we have a story to tell sharing of Gods goodness towards us?  You see right now you might be facing a “they said” situation. The they can be those drs, that job, those bill collectors…. Typically it’s the worst possible circumstance, impossibility, or difficulty. You get the point. But how many know it’s not what “they” said at all but what did God say?

Lately I’ve found myself growing annoyed when I hear people say well they said this and they said that, as if just willingly accepting in a sense of defeat what was presented or told to them. Now I know there is a lot of sickness and disease going on in the world. From the young to the old. Many in hospitals, hospice, and nursing homes.

I want to let you know its not what “they ” said but God says! Point blank period. As children of the One true and only LIVING God who are we to so easily accept defeat? How dare we. What a slap in the face of God that is as it shows our unbelief.We may get knocked down but we are NEVER defeated! Whose report will WE believe? As it says in Isa 53:1.

It all comes down to that as I find myself often thinking when hearing others talk; they may of said but it only matters what God has said on the matter. Amen? AMEN.

We have to be very careful what we accept. We can acknowlegde it but openly accepting it is another thing.

My story is still being written. I don’t want to be one of those people sounding like a broken record when telling my testimony. I desire for it to impart greater hope and faith in those that hear. If God can do it for me, He can do it for them. That young couple whose baby is in the Nicu or who was born a micro preemie and now has medical issues… That young man or woman who have a disability and feel down.

Listen! God CAN do it. Cling to, believe in, and trust in His Word EVERY step of the way and watch Him work. My parents did it with me and I later had to do it for myself. God has the last say and when you find yourself battling between what “they” said versus what God has told you….. Go with God!!!! That is the very reason I’m alive today.

Had my parents believed and accepted the doom and gloom of those Drs, I would not be here. BUT GOD!!!! They instead prayed all that much harder and believed God for me. And here I stand alive. If you only knew the seriousness of all that was wrong, you’d be shocked and praising God with me too!!!

Woooo I feel the anointing even as I type. When you have life after you weren’t even supposed to from the beginning… I can’t help but to give Gid praise and thanksgiving for LIFE!!! Prayer literally SAVED my life and turned what should of been the outcome around!!!

Remember it’s not what they say but what God says. You may be thinking, well they said my baby wouldn’t make it thru or they said I’d always be like this but what does God say?! At the end of the day only what He says matters anyway. Granted God can use the medicial profession to serve a purpose to help and aide but we should not allow what they say to hold much weight over what God has ultimately said.

Believe. Believe. BELIEVE! He alone has the final say. May you be and stay encouraged until next post X0X0

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