Is the 2018 Ford Edge the right car choice for your family?

2018 Ford Edge

Is the 2018 Ford Edge the right car choice for your family?

Dec 14, 2017, 10:18:30 PM News

Shopping for a family car can be stressful, considering you need to analyze so many aspects. Is it roomy enough? Is it safe enough? These are question you need to ask yourself when looking at a car. One option that makes a suitable choice for families is the new 2018 Ford Edge. If you don’t know much about this particular model, you might be wondering what it has to offer. The following characteristics are the ones that make this Ford such an appealing option for families.


Plenty of room

If you have a big family, when you are purchasing a car, space should be the first thing to think about. Well, Edmunds says the 2018 Ford Edge benefits from one of the roomies cabins. With more than enough legroom, as well as headroom, no family member can complain that they are sitting uncomfortably during long rides. Comfort will always play an essential role in a car purchase, and the 2018 Edge will not disappoint in this department. Besides being so spacious, the rear seats also have a reclining feature as well as optional ventilation, which only enhances the convenience the car.

Upgraded suspension system

The upgraded suspension system incorporated makes driving dynamics as balanced as you might want them. While not affecting the power or ride quality of the vehicle, your family will be able to always enjoy a smooth, and bump-free ride.

High level of safety

Another thing that makes this car so impressive and attracts families is its high level of safety. If you research the topic and read reviews, you will find out that this car has a 5 out of 5 star safety rating. From crash protection features to front mounted camera and collision warning, you will definitely enjoy what this car offers in the safety department.

Appealing sound system

Everyone loves listening to music while in the car, especially children, so the powerful sound system this model holds will only come as another plus. Your family can enjoy the best music experience during road trips.

If you take into account these few car specifications, you will conclude for yourself that this Ford model might just make a great choice for your family vehicle. With plenty of room for comfortable travelling as well as storage and with impeccable driving dynamics, this model excels in every department, and will certainly be worth every penny spent. Both you and the rest of your family will love riding in the 2918 Ford Edge. 

Published by Cynthia Madison

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