What to do when you see a car crash

car crash

What to do when you see a car crash

Jan 11, 2018, 6:04:45 AM Life and Styles

Car crashes happen on a daily basis and though all of them are sad and stressful, it is important to know how to react. It is advisable to stay calm and focused, rather than nervous. With that being said, let’s imagine that you have decided to take a relaxing stroll only to later experience something which you have not even thought about in the first place – a car crash. Of course, you are just a foot passenger but what if you are the only spectator that is present at that time? Your emotional self will not let you walk away and get lost in the crowd but instead, you will find yourself trying to help the people involved in the car crash. But do you actually know what you really need to do in order to be as helpful as possible? If not, then keep on reading for you never know when it is time to follow out this information.


First things first – you need to call the emergency services

When you witness a car crash, no matter how severe it may or may not be, the first thing you need to do is call the authorities, namely the police and an ambulance. You need to tell them that you have witnessed a car crash and give them the full address if you know it. But in case you are not sure of the address, then give them a strategic point such as the name of a supermarket, a mall, a restaurant, or other buildings which are known in the area. Anyway, if you experience this while being away in another city, you for sure have no idea of the emergency services’ number for that specific area. In this case, your only solution may be the sky helpline number – a customer service that provides a quick way to find telephone numbers.


Check the condition of the victims

You need to see if there are victims because if they are not critically injured, then you can maybe do something in order to improve their conditions. Other than that, it is best not to perform medical treatment for you have already called the emergency services. It is their job to take care of victims.


Stay calm if you want the victims not to panic

No matter how critical is the condition of a specific victim, you need to remain calm and cool. There is no need for you to start complaining about how bad or serious is the condition of the victim because with this attitude, you will only get to scare the other person.


Give the police a statement

Of course, because you were the one and only witness, the police will for sure want to get your statement. In order to decide whose fault was or how the car crash took place, the police will ask you to provide as many information as you can. Moreover, if you have no clue about what caused the car crash, then it is best to not give this kind of information.

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