What to look for if you want to buy a luxurious house

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What to look for if you want to buy a luxurious house

Jan 24, 2019, 7:34:06 AM Business

Having a luxurious home is not only about the looks, but also about comfort and facilities. There are many aspects to be taken into account when looking for a top-notch house to fit your personality and desires. Owning a big house can be a challenge when it comes to utility, but mixing the both will make you want to spend as much time as possible inside. When we hear luxury, we think about an enormously big house, royalty like furnishing and finishes, opulence, technology at every step and extravagance.

To narrow it down, in most people’s minds, luxury means having a pool (or more), exclusive finishes, expensive furniture and a smart system around the house that can control everything from the central heating to electronics and security. Many other aspects are important for a luxurious house buyer, such as a home gym, a personal movie theatre, an inside heated pool with a spa centre, an impressive garden with an exotic greenhouse and many other facilities that can spoil the inhabitants of it.

When owning these kinds of houses, it’s kind of mandatory to have house keepers and other people to take care and maintain all of those places. Considering all of these, one might want to think about hiring people that are willing to live there and, on this matter, there should also be outbuildings and habitable annexes for them. Somewhere next to the main house should be a guest house as well. Rich people usually like their privacy, so location is also important. On the other hand, having a big outstanding house in the centre of a big city is also something to consider. But living in luxury doesn’t necessarily mean you must have a huge house with many annexes; you might like a smaller version consisting in an apartment in a skyscraper that comes with the perks of having beautiful panoramic sights from above the city.


Personality fitting

There are many possibilities in choosing a luxurious house and many ways to decorate it. First of all, you should decide if you want to have a big mansion surrounded by a wide field with impressive gardens and a lake house and a greenhouse, a big historical house in the middle of the old city or an apartment on a higher floor of a skyscraper with a beautiful view from above and an outside high terrace.

While searching for London homes for sale, one of the most important aspects to look for in a luxurious house is to have a big open space and/or living room with a wide impressive entrance door. Another aspect is design and depending on the owner’s taste it can be a classic one or a minimalist one. There are also ways in which the two can be combined, but there is a thin line between good and bad taste when it comes to this because it is a sensitive approach. Meanwhile, there are solutions that incorporate a melange of the two like fine accents, stylish furniture and finishes.

A staircase is another issue to be taken care of, as it is the first and main thing that catches the eye when you enter. There are many design ideas concerning this that can be chosen depending on the overall view. At this point, it’s all about the aspect and impression. A wide grand central staircase will fit perfectly in a classical architecture, but in a minimalist style creativity thrives.

A high-tech house

Many technological innovations made living even easier and more comfortable than ever before and where to find the latest trends if not in a high-profile home? Houseowners are more and more willing to increase the “smartness” of their places and that is one of the most impressive things you can experience. Adding high-tech gadgets to a house will also increase security and safety.

Technology advanced so much that you can now lock and unlock your home with a touch on your smartphone, you can control the central heating system, the musical ambiance, alarms, security, lights, water temperature and any other electronics. All of these can be built in homes and controlled from the inside or outside and even from a distance because everything is connected through internet.

Besides having wireless control over everything, technology went further and specialists developed various other gadgets and system that reduce the harmful imprint on the environment, like renewable energy, solar or wind powered electricity and many others.

Multimedia rooms, indoor gyms, pools and personal spas

Although having your personal movie theatre might be outdated, it is still a cool thing to be looking for in high end London homes for sale because you don’t have to respect a schedule of a regular public cinema, you don’t have to stand loud and disrespectful people and besides it is a great way to impress the people that come to visit. In addition, you have the liberty of choosing whatever movie you want to watch and there is also the possibility to have a game console installed. A game room is also a great idea for recreation and social personal restricted events.

Going to the gym is a great idea since staying fit and healthy is important, but having to deal with waiting for people to finish using common devices, sweaty benches and the smell is unpleasant. Rich people usually prefer to have their own exercise rooms to save time and comfort. And after an exhausting experience in that room, a spa will be the best resort. Luxurious spa bathrooms fit perfectly with a luxurious house and an indoor pool. It is the ultimate relaxation place for a wealthy and busy person after a long day of running a successful business.

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