Of all the advetures I’ve lived
You and I will ever remain unfinished.
If our life lines chance to cross again
I will crawl over to you once more and
Lie down in the crinkles of your eyes where
Only your tears can carry me away.

Remember our dark places, stuffed
With mumbled words I barely heard,
That day they had me surrounded.
With my back pressed to concrete
I watched your hands pull me apart, then
Like a broken necklace, beads rained on the earth
We didn’t think to collect them afterwards.

Later, we drank in too much of each other
You fell asleep while I hummed all night
The tune of yours and my story
In fear that I’d forget it if I closed my eyes.
My throat hurt by the time the sun came up
So you asked if you could carry on.

As you took me home to rest
I recall our song trailing behind us
And you getting tangled in my hair
Just before your whispered goodbye
Lulled me to sleep.
You must have fallen asleep too
For I woke up to the silence of words forgotten.


This poem was first published on

Published by Daisy Awiti


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