That Time I had a Quinceanera

That Time I had a Quinceanera

What's up guys!!!! I thought I'd try something new on this site and hopefully y'all like it and I can keep going. On my personal blog I do a lot of series posts. I do book recommendations, music series, and YouTube Suggestions. On this site, I thought I'd try a Story-Time series. So here's the first one!

That Time I had a Quinceañera

So as a Hispanic girl, it's tradition that when a girl has her 15th birthday she has a Quince. It's similar to a Sweet 16, except there are a few other traditions and aspects of it. It's a coming of age party that signifies this girl is no longer a girl and has transitioned to a woman.

As a child, I grew up with two cousins and we are really close in age. My cousins are more like my sisters honestly. Anyways, we all started thinking about our Quince's when we were like eight years old. Every time we had a birthday we'd be like 'yes only so many more years until my Quince!!'. Every. Single. Birthday. I'm sure our family got annoyed with us but oh well. My mom and I started planning majorly my seventh/eighth grade year.

In a Quince, there are typically 14 girls and 14 guys and then the actual Quinceañera (me) and her escort. So it was kind of a pain to find 15 total people to be a part of my party. I have plenty of cousins so that took care of like seven pairs. My girlfriends were all super excited when I asked them to be a part of the ceremony. The guys were a little harder, but eventually we managed to get it taken care of. I had all the guys and all the girls. Things were getting serious.

In a Quinceañera it's also tradition for the girl to receive specific gifts, all with specific meanings. A tiara, to symbolize unity with God and show that you are a princess of God and your family and the community; a medallion, to show your faith in God and yourself; earrings to remind you to always listen to God; a ring to showcase God's endless love; and a bible to showcase your faith. There are a few more that other girls might receive, but these are the ones I got. I also got a rosary and a bracelet. We chose specifically who would give me these gifts so that almost everyone in my family got to partake in the party.

Next, the dress. My mom, aunt, cousin, and I went to like three different dress stores before I found the perfect dress. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and it fit right in with the colors of hot pink and black that I chose. My mom thought it was ironic because my dress was actually a part of a Disney Collection and I had grown up with Disney princess movies. I was just glad we finally found a dress and could go get food now. (Priorities people)

A few weeks later we got nearly all of my court members together at my house so we could officially pair everyone up and figure out who was going to be my escort. Like any other thing, there were some issues, certain people not wanting to walk with other people, height issues, and me just trying to make everyone happy. We finally managed to pair everyone up. I got paired with my escort, this guy who I'd gone to school with since first grade. Even though my crush at the time was in the court, my mom decided he was too tall to be my escort (short girl problems) but the guy I ended up with was cool and like I said, we had grown up together and he's cool. However, I still would have wanted to walk with my crush because how perfect would that have been?? (Also I'm really hoping he doesn't read this because how embarrassing)

After what seemed like forever, the big day was finally here. The day before we went to the hall we had rented to set everything up. All of my court members showed up to practice. We had a pizza party basically. And because I didn't want to wear heels, I ended up wearing these knee high Chuck Taylor Converse shoes and I had everyone sign them and I still have them to this day. I vividly remember that my best friend Emily was walking with this kid Caleb from school and right before we started practicing, she asked if they could moon walk in. (*Facepalm*)

My cousin spent the night the night before and Emily did too. We stayed up probably too late, laughing at nothing and talking about everything. I was super excited that it was hard to sleep. I woke up the day of the celebration at like six in the morning with my girls. My cousin came over to do my hair and my girls hair and so some of my friends were over and we had breakfast before. Then we went to the church for the ceremony!!!! I got in my dress and did my makeup. The best part, and something we still bring up today, is that my mom was so busy making sure I was ready that she completely forgot her own dress at home! And my escorts boutonniere, one of the other moms had to go get that. The church went by flawlessly and was so beautiful. I remember not being able to look at Emily because I knew she would make me laugh and we were in the middle of mass.

After church we went to the park and took a million pictures. One of my favorite ones is where one of my cousins is picking me up and all the other guys are standing around, laughing at him. I love it because my photographer (a family friend) was like 'okay we need a few boys to pick her up' and the guys stood around for like five minutes discussing who would do it before my cousin finally just did it himself. After pictures I had my mom stop so we could get ice cream before heading to the hall. She was cool with it, but was like 'you guys have to get it in cups so you don't get it all over yourself', mostly talking to Emily. However, Emily still managed to get blue moon ice cream all over her black dress.

Upon arriving at the hall I made my rounds, saying hi to everyone, even all the people I didn't know that my parents had invited. We finally got to eat, and thanks to my aunt and uncle, had some amazing food. I remember I sat between my escort and Emily and both of them were making me laugh the entire time.

We had a bit of time before the big march thing so my court and I headed outside to chill and hang out. We laughed and talked before my mom came out because it was time! I had a plan to change from my long dress into a shorter one that was easier to dance in so I had to do that before anything. I was getting a little nervous because I'm not great with crowds, but Emily was right there to make me laugh and right before she walked out to take her place in the lineup with her partner, she asked once again if they could moonwalk in. (*Insert eyeroll*)

The march went smoothly and I shared a dance with my dad as well as my grandpa before my court and I started up with the cha cha slide because I didn't have time to choreograph my own dance, oh well. The rest of the night was spent dancing with every one to both the band that played as well as the DJ we had.

My favorite part of the night was when we did a sort of dollar dance thing. For my party I had asked that instead of gifts if people would donate to my grandmother's scholarship foundation. The money that I got on this dance was also donated to that. So my grandpa, dad, escort, and I think my grandma on my mom's side, and me of course, danced with people who paid and the money went to my grandma's foundation. It was a great way to honor my grandma and even though she couldn't be there with us, I knew she was watching over me the whole night and smiling from heaven.

The night finally came to an end. I said goodbye to all of my friends and family members. I remember that said crush hugged me and I kind of felt like I was flying. I also remember my escort went to hug Emily and she totally denied him. She's not a hugger. Emily spent the night again and so did my cousin. I opened presents and cards when I got home. We made so much money for my grandma's scholarship and it made me feel so good.

The next morning my dad woke me up and I had to cut the grass. How fun. I'm not even joking. But we did go to my grandpas house for a barbeque so that was fun.

To this day, I still get people telling me how much fun they had and how awesome it was. In a few years it will be my sister's turn to have a Quince and I can't wait for that.


So I hope you guys enjoyed my Quinceañera story! Let me know if you want more stories!!! I'm sure I could think of a few to tell you. Until next time, later homies!!

-xxx, dallas

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