These's Need to be Stopped

These's Need to be Stopped

What's up guys and before you say anything, yes I know I've been kind of AWOL for a while. I started college and honestly just have been so busy with classes and homework and school things as well as my own blog ( that I just have not had time to sit down and write for this site. But hopefully I'll get better at doing that.

Okay, so if you keep up with social media and all the apps, you've probably heard of this one called And you've probably heard of my boy Jacob Sartorius. (I did a post about him a bit back (https:// So a lot of other YouTubers do these 'reaction videos' and a lot of them are having to do with our pal Jacob. Jacob got famous from this app from what I can understand, literally overnight. He now has two singles out and has toured the country as well. Anyways, these reaction videos are actually hilarious. I love them. But I'm not here to talk about those, I'm here to talk about this 'wonderful' app,

On this app, users are able to post lip sync videos to different songs, TV clips, and movie clips. And yes, I do have an account because when it first came out it was cool for like five seconds. The app was great, until all these little kids got ahold of it and then it went down the toilet. You know, those of us who can't sing and don't try to, depend on these apps to help us showcase our true love for the musical world. The app was really fun and I really liked it....and then the cringe compilations started.

Do me a favor, go to YouTube, type in cringy compilations, and tell me if those videos have at least one in them. They do. I know because I watched one and it was awful. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. And you know who popped up more than once in these compilations? JACOB SARTORIUS.

All of these Musical.lys that these children are making are beyond words. There are a lot of X-rated songs and some eleven year old lip syncing to them. WHAT. Then there's the ones where the users lips don't even match the words playing. It's not hard guys. Oh, and the ones where these little boys are showing their torso's with NO MUSCLES. What. The. Heck. YOU ARE A CHILD. YOU SHOULD NOT BE SHOWING YOUR BODIES YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING CARTOONS AND DRINKING JUICE BOXES. I can't. I just can't.

Honestly, I had to delete the app off my phone because I just couldn't deal with all these children thinking they're sexy or whatever they're trying to be in these 15 second videos. I couldn't deal with these eleven year old girls showing off too much skin and dancing around like they're in a Nicki Minaj video. And I couldn't deal with those kids trying so hard to mimic the popular dances right now and epically failing because I was embarrassed for them. BUT HOW HARD IT IS TO WHIP??? You wouldn't believe how many of those kids could not do such a simple dance for the life of them.

Social media is fun. It's where we can express ourselves and escape reality. But what's not fun is these kids caring more about acting stupid to get likes and comments on their 15 second videos. WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?!?! I get dancing around your room and acting dumb but just please do not post it where the whole world can see. Please.

Girls, you don't need to act like freaking Ariana Grande to be liked. You don't have to dance all whore-ish because you think that's what boys are looking for because I can promise you the right boy isn't. Just act your age and be yourself, if that means not posting videos where you dance like you're in a club then so be it.

Boys, just stop trying to act so macho and cool. Stop showing your stomachs because you think you have abs. YOU ARE TWELVE. You don't have abs. Keep your dang clothes on for God's sake. And quit with the lip biting it's not attractive. You're a kid, you should be playing video games or playing tag with your friends, not trying to score a girl by being half naked on the internet where the whole world can see you.

Let's just put a group effort in and stop with these's okay? You kids need to act like kids and not spend hours acting dumb to post on the internet. Maybe come back when you're a little older and we'll consider it then.


Okay, this post was kind of all over the place, but at least I posted at all. Again, I'm sorry it's been so long, and I'll try and update more often, but sometimes it's hard coming up with topics for two completely different blogs. If you have anything you want to see me write about, leave me a comment!!! Until next time, peace out your homegirl is out.

-xxx, dallas

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