Tumeric to Fight Disease

Turmeric to Fight Disease

Tumeric to Fight Disease

Turmeric has been coming up with amazing results in prevention and treatment of Alzheimer disease, Cancer and many diseases Aiding in cognitive function and preventing the body from allowing cancer to spread through the body (metastasis) it is one of the most nutritiously dense foods you can find full of antioxidants phytonutrients, regions where turmeric is common show the least amount of disease and effects of aging being a popular spice in India its no wonder why their age related disease reports are so low.

Is this all true?

Yes, a study from Amala cancer research centre has actually shown that intake of turmeric curcumin reduced the growth of tumors, and there are a whole list of studies supporting this and more, it seems turmeric has no limit to its benefits, its really a wonder why it hasn't been utilized more by doctors but that's because its not going to profit them as much and that's the harsh reality about health.

Any downsides?

Not health wise there hasn't been any signs of side effects or negative outcomes from ingestion of turmeric nor turmeric extract, but nonavailability seems to be a problem as on its own its not very bio-available but there are ways around this there are extracts that have been "liposomalized" to make the extract as much as twenty times more bio-available, a brand i trust to deliver this is PURATHRIVE if you don't want to take down turmeric day in and out to receive the benefits throw in some of their extract, after all a turmeric curry every night can be abut much, where as this you can throw into a smoothie, but turmeric is always gold what ever form so make sure you make it a staple in your diet for a long healthy lifestyle.

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