I have come across and dealt with numerous of people who are looking to add a little muscle mass to their physique, and heck who knows you may even be one of them. So here are some of the top muscle building tips I can give you.


Bump up the calories – Look I’ll be very straight forward. If you want to get big then you need to be eating BIG. Your body needs calories in order to grow, extra calories also comes with an increase in nutrient intake, the more nutrients our muscles have the harder, stronger and better we can train, all while recovering optimally. 


Train insane or remain the same – A rather famous saying used by your gym junkies, but it’s true. You can’t expect to go into the gym and just do a few minutes work on low intensity and expect to see results. Sorry that’s not how it works around here. In order to stimulate muscle growth you need to shock the body. 


Sleep like a baby – In order to grow you need sleep. Believe it or not your muscles aren’t actually being built when you are training (they actually being broken down), but when you sleep this is when the body can get to work and repair the muscle fibres. Sleep also increases muscle building hormone production, this can be really beneficial when looking to build muscle mass.

In order to add quality muscle size, you need to eat, train and sleep… Simple as that.

Published by Dalton Tessier

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