How I learnt more about myself in 8 months at college then I learn about myself in the last 17 years.

How I learnt more about myself in 8 months at college then I learn about myself in the last 17 years.

Jul 23, 2016, 2:53:41 PM Life and Styles

On Tuesday I left college for the last time this year, I had finished all of the units that needed to be completed and now I was free from college. I’ve been waiting to finish college for the last 3 weeks it’s not that I dislike been there it’s just that I’ve been employed for just under a year but in that time I’ve only spent 2 weeks doing the job that I applied for and I was getting a bit bored of attending college every day and want to do something new and interesting which is what working will provide me with. I am glad that that over and done with I’ve taken some holidays so that I have a little break before I start my job to help me relax and zone out from college.


At first I was excited to attend college on a daily basis as it was a massive change from what I’m used to, I mean I only left secondary education last June and now I have a great apprenticeship, but gradually as the year progressed I’ve become more and more impatient about starting the job that I was employed for. It’s a big deal for me the only job that I had before doing this job was that I used to work as a newspaper delivery boy and that didn’t pay much at all, I only was getting £4.50 a week to deliver paper but I guess you have to start somewhere.


While I was at college my time wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. Within 3 weeks of starting college I had a seizure which was caused by my inability to talk with my work colleagues about how I was feeling, this resulted in a massive build-up of stress and anxiety which ultimately caused me to suffer from huge issues with my stress levels and it took over a month to get my stress levels down and under control so that I was able to deal with all of the social interactions that I was experiencing.  On top of that I was also suffering from bouts of depression which were been cause by my inability to feel like I was fitting in with those I was working with, my mood was all over the place it kept changing and I was struggling to balance it out.


After spending a few months struggling with my mood and the stresses I started to get some support from a therapist and local support groups this helped massively as I was able to finally relax about how I was acting around others. While I was receiving this support I was also learning more about who I was as a person and how I dealt with stress on different levels I also learnt a lot more than I ever anticipated.

Some of the things that I learnt are:


  • I developed a greater ability to cope with social integrations
  • I learned that I would often change the way I acted to suite other people instead of myself
  • I developed a greater resilience and determination
  • My social skills improved and I was able to interact more
  • I developed a greater confidence when working and talk with the people that I work with
  • I wasn’t ashamed to be who I wanted to be.
  • I leant to talk to more people and ask for help when needed
  • I developed a stronger relationship with my family and friends
  • I had a lot more freedom to control what I did instead of been told what to do
  • I learnt to stop over thinking about different situations and just relax.
  • I become a more mature and independent person


In my eyes I had become a better more well-rounded person because I had been put in a larger amount of social situations and was able to cope with them in a better way, by the time I had finished college I had experienced huge personal growth within myself which helped me to become prepared for the workplace where social interactions were an important part of the job. I now feel able to cope with most social situations that could arise within the workplace.




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